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Why are we one of the best Business and Marketing Automation Agencies?

We provide a holistic business approach and offer a wide range of business development services so you can choose the ones that best suit your company’s needs.
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Business System Consulting

Focus on your business and let your systems do the work for you.
We take look at your business as a whole–your processes, systems, and marketing, then we will help you visualize the business you truly want and map out how to get there. We'll help you ditch the cobbled-together approach for a streamlined, scalable business system.
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Facebook Messenger Automation

Work with chatbot experts to take your leads and customers on a buyers’ journey like none other.
Personalize connections on one of the world’s most-used messaging platforms to meet customers’ needs and answer their questions. Help your customers conquer their challenges through these powerful chatbots and transform more of them into not only customers—but, more importantly—brand evangelists for your business!
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Omni-Channel Marketing Automation

Create a unified customer experience across all channels, including email, web, social media, and mobile.
The world is no longer communicating in one place. By using omnichannel marketing and communication strategies you are reducing friction and meeting leads where they are. We will work with you to strategically unify your marketing communications across channels and ultimately close more sales.
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HubSpot Strategy + Implementation

Unlock the full potential of HubSpot and level-up your business with our Hub and Integration Experts.
From onboarding to custom builds, sales enablement to integrations, our team can help you customize your HubSpot account to your needs. We work with you to build out the integrated HubSpot system you need to efficiently run and grow your business.
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Sales + CRM Automation

Combine world-class CRM and Sales platforms to streamline and scale personalized buyer journeys.
We audit, set up, and integrate your customer journey so that you can personalize conversations for each segment through informative content, targeted communications, and messaging. With this strategy, you’ll capture their attention and their business with just the right word at the right time.
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Email Deliverability

Make sure your emails are being seen and not throttled to the Spam Folder.
Our team of Experts have successfully helped improve email deliverability health for organizations with upwards of 1.3 million contacts. We’ll run full diagnostic panels and work directly with your team so that your emails stop landing in spam and get higher open rates.
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Ontraport Strategy + Implementation

Let us supercharge your Ontraport account. Learn more about the flexiblability of the tool and how you can achieve higher returns on investment.
We’ll audit and guide you on how to use Ontraport for improved performance for your specific processes and business. With years of experience on the team, we can show you workarounds, tweaks and custom builds that have helped hundreds of our clients.
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Automated Reporting

Make data-driven decisions by reviewing live automated reports we make based on your company’s KPIs.
Review, organize, and setup reporting of all of your Business Intelligence data in one place with our help. You’ll get live dashboards to review at your convenience, making it easy for you to quickly access and analyze your business’s main data points.
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Custom Development

Website development is just the beginning…at Automated Dreams, we do back-end integration and API development like none other.
To stay ahead of the field, your website needs to connect all its various parts–such as booking systems, payment gateways, your online store, accounting systems, and of course, your static pages–like your homepage. And, just as importantly—you need to provide users access to databases—like your available products & third-party payment processors. APIs do that, and they do it seamlessly.

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