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Help Your Team Adopt New Systems and Processes Seamlessly

Cultivate a high-performance culture among employees and empower them to deliver exceptional customer experience through expert change management training.

Implementing new technologies and business process improvement strategies can help enhance customer experiences, streamline your operations, and stay competitive.

However, low adoption by your employees, heavy reliance on third parties for minor bug fixes, and the need to keep pace with rapid market changes can put a strain on your optimization efforts.

The true breakthrough happens when your team can fully leverage your new technologies and systems.

Our comprehensive change management training, adherence to proven change management models, and process documentation best practices ensure your team can implement scalable solutions that address today’s challenges and anticipate tomorrow’s opportunities.

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Why Invest in Change Management Training for Your Employees?

Bridge the Adoption Gap

  • Targeted change management training clarifies the purpose and benefits of new tools and creates a culture of innovation and adaptability within your team.

Empower Problem Solvers

  • Minor bottlenecks often go unresolved, not for lack of tools, but because of a gap in knowledge and confidence among employees. Change management training empowers your in-house team to identify, troubleshoot, and resolve issues swiftly, ensuring a seamless operational flow.

Stay Ahead of the Curve

  • The business landscape continues to change, with new challenges and opportunities arising constantly. Training your employees means you are ready to adapt to and capitalize on new developments while safeguarding your business against obsolescence.

Our Change Management Training Approach

01. Training Needs Assessment

Our process begins with an evaluation of your organization's unique environment, tools, and processes to identify specific training needs and opportunities for improvement. This crucial first step makes the training program align with your strategic goals and operational challenges.

This phase includes:
  • Skills Gap Analysis

    We conduct a comprehensive assessment to identify the knowledge and skills gap within your team. We focus on areas critical for leveraging new technologies and optimizing customer experiences.

  • Learning Objectives Definition

    Collaboratively, we define clear and measurable learning objectives that align with your business growth planning efforts and operational efficiency goals.

  • Customized Training Plan

    Develop tailored change management models that address identified gaps, incorporate process documentation best practices, and ensure compliance with industry standards.

02. Interactive Training Modules & Workshops

With a clear understanding of your needs, we move to deliver engaging and informative training modules and workshops. The goal here is to facilitate practical skills and a deep understanding of the new tools and processes. This phase is about empowering your team for immediate and long-term success.

This phase includes:
  • Hands-on Learning Experiences

    Through interactive workshops and use case reviews, we make sure your team understands and acquires hands-on experience with your new systems and processes.

  • Change Management Model Integration

    We implement our training models while improving your team’s capacity to manage, adapt, and improve workflows and systems independently.

  • Compliance and Best Practices Training

    We facilitate training on compliance standards relevant to your industry, alongside best practices for continuous process improvement. We equip your team to navigate regulatory landscapes confidently.

03. Continuous Support & Skill Reinforcement

Training is not a one-time event but an ongoing journey. Our commitment extends beyond the initial training sessions. We provide continuous support and opportunities for skill reinforcement.

This phase includes:
  • Follow-up Sessions and Q&A

    Regularly scheduled calls to address any questions, refine understanding, and ensure the practical application of learned processes.

  • Advanced Modules for Continuous Learning

    As your business evolves, so do your training needs. We offer advanced modules focused on emerging technologies, methodologies, and strategic insights to keep your team ahead of the curve.

  • Performance Monitoring & Feedback Loops

    We implement tools and systems to monitor the application of training lessons and their impact on your business operations.

04. Impact Assessment & Future Planning

Our approach is geared towards measurable outcomes and sustainable growth. The final phase focuses on assessing the impact of the training program and planning for future development needs.

This phase includes:
  • Impact Analysis

    Evaluate the effectiveness of the training program against the initial objectives and business outcomes.

  • Strategic Advisory

    Based on the outcomes and feedback, we provide strategic advice for ongoing employee development and process optimization. We make your team adaptable and competitive.

Why Automated Dreams?


200+ Happy Clients
Our track record includes more than two hundred successful process transformation projects across various sectors.


Expert Strategists

We’re specialists in transforming business processes to achieve peak efficiency and excellent customer satisfaction.


Customized Training Programs

Our change management training programs are tailored to address your specific challenges, from enhancing software adoption to continuous process improvement for better customer experiences.


Innovative Methods
Leveraging your data, historical records, and industry best practices, we ensure your team is equipped with cutting-edge knowledge for business growth and operational excellence.


Culture of Improvement
We instill a continuous improvement mindset and prepare your team for ongoing success and adaptability.


Scalable Solutions

Our documentation process and training models are designed to support your growth at every stage and create sustainable success.

5-Star Team, 5-Star Performance

Learn the transformative impact of our processes and methodologies on businesses like yours.

Sonia Villarreal
May 15, 2024

The Automated Dreams team is a pleasure to work with. They’re proactive, highly responsive, and understood our project needs. Most importantly, they made the process incredibly smooth start to finish. We highly recommend their services.

Larissa Hare
February 28, 2024

I’ve worked on several development projects over the years. None have been as seamless as our experience with Automated Dreams. We’ve worked on two large projects with them and both were completed on time and on budget. Most importantly, I felt like I always knew what was going on in a timely matter. Their team is incredibly talented, responsive, and can easily translate non-technical language into a coherent project plan. My team and I can’t wait to work with them again.

Cecilia De La Rosa
October 6, 2023

Great team…extremely knowledgeable and easy to work with.

Nancy Lew
August 11, 2023

Automated Dreams is a true dream team. They are an excellent partner in providing recommendations, best practices, as well as the behind the scenes work of building an automated sales team. Not only are they a delight to work with (some of us on our team may or may not have talked about wanting to put them in our pocket and carry them around with us), their care makes them feel like a true part of our company’s team.

Maggie Yu
August 4, 2023

Have worked with them for near 5 years now. Kissed a lot of frogs before. They know ontraport, they know automation, they also have great account management, communication and help with other aspects like webpage design and support. I like how they have a team of people and have access to other services that help solve the technical challenges we face as a company. Responsiveness is a 10, knowledgeable 10, communication 10. I have never had that experience with any of the previous automation people we’ve worked with. This is a team and they provide a wide variety of services that helps me solve our ever evolving automation issues and beyond. Hit me up if you need more detailed feedback but I absolutely love this company and their team.

Ammanuel Selameab
April 17, 2023

Fantastic team to work with for marketing automation! Highly recommend.

John Bingham
April 3, 2023

From our initial scoping meetings through final deliverables, it has been a pleasure working with the team at Automated Dreams. They took the time to understand our requirements, provided practical recommendations, and delivered on time and on budget. Our project required them to implement a technically challenging series of integrations along with a visually appealing site design. By involving the right team members as needed for different areas of expertise, they were able to deliver. We will definitely work with AD again and highly recommend them.

Agustí Dosaiguas
March 23, 2023

We’ve been collaborating with the Automated Dreams dream team for more than 5 years already and I can assure you they are the best out there. Their team knows exactly what they are doing and you can trust them 100%.

Daniel McHarness
March 21, 2023

Automated Dreams has been an amazing team to work with. They have helped us immensely with setting up a complex CRM environment, and working with us as needs and requirements change with our organization. Absolutely recommend Automated Dreams.

Tom Evans
March 20, 2023

Automated Dreams has been a solid and dedicated partner in our initiatives over the past year. They’ve brought the flexibility and insight we needed and helped us evolve in our business practices. Their staff has worked diligently to understand the complexities of our business, and rolled with the punches when we have made sharp turns. Would recommend the AD team to anyone.

AD has a strong knowledge of the many platforms to help automate business process. There were instrumental in helping to improve our contract and lead process for our business. They also assisted with optimizing landing pages and Google Ads. I would recommend.

Craig Brummell
March 31, 2022

Love this team. Luca, Ger, Lis and Trisha were fabulous. Clear scope, tracked time, brought knowledge to accelerate the work. Delivered what was asked very well.

Jeremy Steinman
March 3, 2022

The team at Automated Dreams helped our outdoor activities company restructure our digital marketing funnel and redesign our eCommerce website. Their no-nonsense approach to creative and digital services is expressed through very organized processes and clear communication. From strategy through execution, Automated Dreams is a pleasure to work with. You always know where you’re at in the project. The team is approachable and rational when there is need to pivot. In an industry that tends to be filled with fluff, Automated Dreams is reliable, focused, flexible and engaged. I’d recommend Automated Dreams for any company looking to take their marketing and automation needs to the next level.

February 5, 2022

It was an absolute pleasure working with the Automated Dreams team for several months on a complex project for my website! They went above and beyond my expectations, and played a key role in helping me scale my business to the next level! (They helped automate my website’s checkout process, designed template shop pages, integrated Ontraport and LearnDash, created lesson templates in LearnDash, improved the overall layout and appearance of my website, and automated various aspects of our marketing strategy.) The Automated Dreams team was always very responsive, always met deadlines, communicated effectively, and even provided additional suggestions on how to automate other aspects of the marketing and operations. I would highly recommend them to anyone who is looking to automate their website’s marketing and operation processes! It has been a life-saver for me! Thank you Lis, Julian, and Luca for all of your hard work!

Tane Cabe
January 20, 2022

I came to Automated Dreams as a repeat client. That should say it all. I enjoy working with the team. They are all very responsive and professional and get the job done. I would highly recommend them.

Claire Timmerman
December 30, 2021

Great, professional team and perfect end result!

Chris Costanzo
December 10, 2021

Vince is the man! He came to the rescue and solved the problem very quickly! I had created a Landing page on Ontraport that contained a questionnaire for customers to fill out but could not figure out why the data was not transferring to the Contact record. It only took Vince a few minutes to determine what the issue was and he explained it in a screen share so that I could make the adjustments. It probably took less than 20 minutes for him to solve a problem that I had been working on for days. He took the initiative and made it happen! This world needs more people like Vince!

Marlene Morris
November 13, 2021

We can’t say enough good things about the team at Automated Dreams. They do amazing work and we highly recommend them for anyone who is looking for a professional, knowledgeable and responsive company to handle their automation needs.

mike alexander
November 12, 2021

I have worked with Vince and Automated dream for the past few years. They are great to work with and very professional. They have helped our business grow and would recommend them.

Aja Davis
October 4, 2021

Working with Automated Dreams has been incredible. They are able to help us map out a vision and then bring it to life. They care about our business as if it were their own. Highly recommend working with them

Cassie Harden
September 29, 2021

AMAZING team of humans here! I can’t say enough about the organization, the professionalism, the quality and speed of outcomes – Automated Dreams is a dream team. So much so, I’ve hired them at every organization with whom I work right now as a consultant! I’ve had the pleasure of working with Luca and Dylan on 3 projects now, and we have plans to work with them on everything in the pipeline! 1000% recommend if you need people who can innovate and create based on a vision, and adjust or advise plans as you need!

humberto arguello
August 25, 2021

The best experience that I ever had with any other company of this matter, tres went above anbeyond my expectations, realy, really satisfied

Stéph Schafeitel
August 14, 2021

When working with automation and technology experts, I think it’s super important that tasks and processes are explained simply so a layperson can easily understand them. Working with Automated Dreams has been a true blessing. Already after working with them for only 2 months, our automations are getting streamlined, cleaned up, and becoming the efficient engine we need for success! We strongly recommend Automated Dreams to anyone looking to improve their business results. Thank you, Vince, Dylan, Luca, and the rest of the Dream Team at Automated Dreams. We appreciate you so much!

We’ve worked with several Marketing teams in the past and Automated Dreams has been the most responsive and professional in getting the job completed – even when hitting roadblocks and requiring a change in direction. We required very customized implementation with Ontraport and our payment processing systems and Automated Dreams was able to break down the tasks and get the projects completed.

Fast and accurate, but what stood out was that they really got what I wanted, after many others just didn’t. Way ahead of me, they are like guides, coaches and advisors, then they carry it out. Amazing. Lovely people, quick responses and excellent work. Love and highly recommend.

Joseph Ochoa
October 25, 2019

They guys know what they are doing and have a fantastic view of how to market to customers. This separates them from the rest. They also very responsive and deliver on time. I highly recommend the Automated Dreams team.

Our Clients

Partnerships That Drive Transformation

We work with B2B firms across many sectors. Whatever industry you’re in, we’ll help you thrive.

Take the First Step Towards Seamless Adoption & Exceptional Team Performance

Partner with us to improve your team’s capabilities and maximize the potential of your business process improvement tools. Let’s implement change management models that’ll make your team adaptive and compliant.

Need More Clarity?

We’ve answered some common questions potential clients ask us.

What if our team is resistant to new processes?
Resistance to change is a common challenge. Our training programs include change management strategies to address this. By involving your team in the training process and demonstrating the tangible benefits of new processes, we help mitigate resistance and encourage enthusiastic adoption.
Will training address our specific challenges, such as software adoption and fixing workflow bugs?
Yes, our customized training sessions are designed to tackle specific challenges, including low adoption rates of new software by staff and fixing bottlenecks in workflows. We focus on process documentation best practices and compliance training for employees to make sure your team is equipped to handle post-implementation issues proficiently.
How does training help in understanding and using new tools and systems?

Our change management training programs demystify new tools and systems. We break down complex functionalities into understandable segments. This comprehensive approach helps in overcoming the inability of staff to fully utilize your new software. It also encourages a smoother transition and higher productivity levels.

What kind of support do we receive after training?
Post-training support is crucial for ongoing success. We provide continuous support and resources to ensure your team can adapt to new challenges as your business grows. We’ll share updates on best practices and compliance training to keep your team proficient and compliant.
How do we measure the effectiveness of the training?

We establish clear metrics and benchmarks at the outset. We focus on specific objectives like improving adoption and mastery rates and improving operational efficiency. By evaluating these metrics post-training, we can measure the impact of the training on your business, and see if it delivers tangible benefits and supports your growth strategy.