We’re dreamers making dreams come true.


Started by a solopreneur in Portland, Oregon in 2017, we’ve grown to a 20+ international firm.

In 2017, Our CEO and Founder, Vince De Benedetto, identified a unique opportunity to combine his expertise in business management and technology implementation. Following his certification program in California, he realized that business owners required more than just technology implementation and support—they needed comprehensive Business Automation Strategies, and in some cases, an overall business process revamp.

Vince began collaborating with business leaders to transform their organizations, reviewing their existing processes and leveraging automated systems and cutting-edge business technologies to increase their output and supercharge their growth.

As his clients’ needs expanded to include sales enablement and full process automation, he had to make a crucial decision: rely on third-party specialists for each project or build his own team of experts. 

Embodying the entrepreneurial spirit, Vince chose to build an in-house team, revolutionizing the firm’s model by developing a wide range of competencies under one roof, ensuring quality without compromise.

Years later, the firm has successfully transitioned into a leading business process consulting firm, focusing on helping companies streamline their operations and optimize their processes.

Now boasting over 20 skilled in-house team members with diverse backgrounds in Automation Architecture, CRM Systems, Process Improvement and Redesign, Change Management, Technology Integration, Custom Development, and more, the Automated Dreams Firm stands as a testament to the power of integrated solutions. 

By offering tailored support and strategies to businesses, our team of Business Process Consultants consistently delivered enhanced efficiency and growth for clients, proving the value of a cohesive and adaptable business process consulting model.

Our Mission

Give organizations the foundation to allow their talent to thrive, be fulfilled, and magnify their positive impact.

Our Vision

A world where technology is an ally for positive impact.​

Automated Dreams Mission and Vision

The Dream Team