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Automating Communication Processes:

How We Helped Speak by Design Connect More With Clients Without Increasing Operations Cost

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Company Size:

+20 employees

Client Overview

Speak by Design (SBD) is a team of coaches and trainers who help people leverage their speaking skills for greater societal impact. Their approach is tailored to helping trainees maximize their personal effectiveness through communications. In other words, Speak by Design creates coaching and training programs that help people polish their speaking skills for the next challenge ahead.


Speak by Design reached out to us to develop several projects that were impossible to implement for them in a timely manner since they have a small team that was focused on offering their exceptional services.

Their main focus for our project was a new Certification Site and Student Portal, where they could offer their clients a series of courses that included text and videos with some intelligence (a way of marking each course as complete, a process for submitting exams, automatically unlocking advance courses after exam approval and more). Their main challenge was that the time for the product release was pressing and they didn’t have a team that could design the different web pages, create the CRM structure on their main tool (Ontraport), and automate the different pieces so that they could work together as needed.

Our Approach

After an initial Strategy period in which we scoped the project and defined the due dates and priorities, we started working on the different pieces. While a part of our project team worked on graphics design and creating HTML templates for their emails, others created the CRM structure and automations needed.

To support this structure and to ensure that we don’t drift away from their main goals and focus, we met with the Speak by Design team weekly to show the current status and align both teams’ priorities for the following week.

Every month, we scheduled a special Strategy meeting to design new parts of the projects and review new ideas to enhance the original vision before launch.


We designed the membership site and created templates for the different web pages so that when the content was available they would easily populate those templates with it.

We also created a number of automations that allowed the different pages to show information in dynamic ways. For example, if a specific course was completed in the past by a user it shows visual feedback as a reminder. Also, if a student had their exam available, they’ll have a button that will allow them attempt and submit it.

We made these automations flexible so that the SBD Team can modify them if necessary. We equally reviewed each automation with their team to ensure they would have the information they need to change them in the future.

We modified the settings of their CRM and added different custom objects (specific structures for SBD’s business).

We added new fields and functionality to their “Contact” structure. For instance, we created a field that allows the SBD team and learning management system to know which course has been completed. And if they need additional fields or functions in the future, they’ll be able to replicate the process.