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Loan Process Automation

How We Reduced Fairway’s Loan Processing Time by 55%

Client Overview

Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation’s Reverse Division solves the challenges of HECM reverse mortgage processes. Founded in 1996, the organization has grown to employ 5,000 individuals, specializing in a variety of mortgage solutions. Its commitment to efficiency and customer satisfaction continues to drive the need for innovative solutions in a complex finance sector.

Customer service is at the core of Fairway’s philosophy. Its commitment goes beyond finding the best rates, as it also prioritizes fast turnaround times and personalized guidance through the loan process. Its ultimate goal is to exceed customer expectations and build trust and satisfaction


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+10,000 employees


The Reverse Division at Fairway faced a myriad of inefficiencies due to its outdated, manual, and PDF-based process for handling reverse mortgages. The outdated method required loan officers to manually enter data into a five-page document. While the process managed to function, it was inefficient and error-prone, as the document was emailed across various stages of the mortgage process. The method resulted in several challenges for the Reverse Division:
  • Time-Consuming Data Entry: Loan officers spent much time manually entering data into the five-page PDF document, leading to decreased productivity and potential delays in processing reverse mortgage applications. 
  • Error-Prone: The manual data entry process increased the likelihood of errors, as information could be incorrectly transcribed or omitted. These errors sometimes have serious consequences like incorrect loan calculations or delays in funding. 
  • Lack of Integration: The PDF-based process was not integrated with other systems. This made it difficult to track the status of reverse mortgage applications and share information seamlessly across departments. 
  • Limited Accessibility: The process relied on email for communication and document sharing, which made it challenging for loan officers and other stakeholders to access and collaborate on reverse mortgage applications remotely or outside office hours. 
  • Data Fragmentation: With data scattered across multiple stages and systems, measuring marketing ROI and maintaining a clean data model was challenging.

Our Approach

To address these inefficiencies and mitigate the associated risks, Fairway recognized the need for a comprehensive solution that would streamline the reverse mortgage process, improve accuracy, and enhance overall operational efficiency.

We embarked on a comprehensive project that involved multiple phases and stakeholders.

Phase 1: Discovery and Planning

1. Stakeholder Workshops

We conducted in-depth workshops with key stakeholders across the mortgage processing chain, including loan officers, processors, and underwriters. Then, we identified pain points and gathered valuable insights into their daily workflows and challenges.

2. Business Requirements Definition

We analyzed the findings from the workshops to define clear and concise business requirements for the digital transformation strategy, and prioritized functionalities based on impact and feasibility.

3. Technical Assessment

We evaluated the existing technology landscape, including the Loan Origination System (LOS) to determine compatibility and integration points. We also identified potential risks and challenges and developed mitigation strategies.

Phase 2: Design and Development

1. Portal Design

We collaborated with UX designers to create a user-friendly and intuitive portal interface. Our team focused on streamlining the user experience and reducing the number of clicks required to complete tasks.

2. Custom Development

Our project team developed a custom “Interview Sheet Portal” within a secure member-only area and implemented advanced serverless functions to manage data flow between HubSpot and the LOS, ensuring real-time, bi-directional updates.

3. Quality Assurance and Testing

After the custom development, we conducted rigorous testing to ensure the portal met all functional and non-functional requirements and implemented automated testing to ensure continuous quality and reliability.

Phase 3: Deployment and Training

1. Deployment

Our team deployed the portal on a secure and scalable cloud infrastructure; monitored performance; and made necessary adjustments to optimize the user experience.

2. User Training

We provided comprehensive training to the end-users on how to navigate the portal and utilize its features effectively. We also created user guides and documentation to support ongoing learning.

Phase 4: Continuous Improvement

1. Monitoring and Evaluation

We continuously monitored the portal’s performance and usage through analytics and feedback mechanisms; identified areas for improvement; and implemented enhancements based on the feedback from Fairway’s team.

2. Agile Development

Our team adopted an agile development approach to ensure flexibility and responsiveness to the organization’s changing business requirements and regularly released updates and new features based on requests and market trends.

Solution Implemented

Our solution involved leveraging HubSpot’s robust CRM platform, developing a custom member portal, and using advanced serverless functions to create a secure, user-friendly “Interview Sheet Portal.”

This innovative portal streamlines the mortgage process for loan officers by allowing them to input necessary data at each step through a secure single sign-on (SSO). All information entered into the portal is seamlessly integrated with Fairway’s Loan Origination System (LOS), ensuring a smooth and efficient workflow.

The Interview Sheet Portal provides a centralized platform for loan officers to manage and track loan applications. It eliminates the need for manual data entry and reduces the risk of errors. It improves overall accuracy and compliance.

The portal also enhances communication between loan officers and the rest of the team, enabling real-time updates and notifications. This transparency and collaboration result in a better customer experience and increased satisfaction.

In addition to streamlining the loan application process, our solution offers several other benefits to Fairway, including:

  • Increased efficiency: The portal automates repetitive tasks and frees up loan officers’ time to focus on more complex and value-added activities.

  • Improved data security: The portal uses robust security measures to protect sensitive borrower information.

  • Scalability: The portal is designed to handle high volumes of loan applications, ensuring that Fairway can continue to grow and scale its business.
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Time Efficiency: The new system drastically reduces the hours previously spent on double data entry and manual form processing. The time spent on this process was reduced by 55%, going from 2.25 hours to roughly 1 hour per sheet.

Improved Data Integrity: Eliminating email-based document exchanges has significantly reduced errors and data inconsistencies to a minimum. The error rate has dropped by 10% from what it was previously.

Enhanced ROI Measurement: With clearer data pathways and integration, the Fairway team can now accurately track marketing efforts and their outcomes.

Streamlined Processes: Loan officers and back-office staff benefit from a more coherent and user-friendly system. This allows them to focus more on customer service and less on administrative tasks.

From the Horse’s Mouth

Fairway logo case study Automated Dreams
Quote Automated Dreams
“Automated Dreams has been a solid and dedicated partner in our initiatives over the past year. They’ve brought the flexibility and insight we needed and helped us evolve in our business practices. Their staff has worked diligently to understand the complexities of our business and rolled with the punches when we have made sharp turns. Would recommend the AD team to anyone.”

Tom Evans

EVP – Reverse Marketing & Technology at Fairway

Fairway logo case study Automated Dreams
Quote Automated Dreams
“Automated Dreams has been an amazing team to work with. They have helped us immensely with setting up a complex CRM environment, and working with us as needs and requirements change with our organization. Absolutely recommend Automated Dreams.”

Daniel McHarness

Sales Technology Manager

In a Nutshell…

Implementing the automated data integration solution successfully streamlined property listing management for Fairway. The script’s seamless integration with HomeScout and HubSpot empowered the team to deliver accurate and timely property information while enhancing customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

If you’d like to reduce manual entry times, eliminate human errors, and experience the transformative power of automation firsthand in your processes, we’d love to help.

Let’s pave the way for enhanced efficiency, accuracy, and customer satisfaction in your operations.