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Overwhelmed in Running your Business? Consider Marketing Automation

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Properly marketing a company can be a difficult, time-consuming process, especially for companies that do not have expendable resources and employees to dispatch. Fortunately, thanks to marketing automation, taking care of a company’s marketing needs can be accomplished cheaper and easier than ever before.

Marketing automation is composed of software and platforms that allow computers to automatically take care of repetitive tasks like email creation, SMS messages, ad placement, data management, and social media management.

By utilizing business automation correctly, companies can not only increase their productivity but can generate more revenue at the same time.

Features and Benefits of Marketing Automation

Features and Benefits of Marketing Automation Automated Dreams

Marketing automation can handle a wide variety of tasks, and as such, it is highly customizable when it comes to serving different needs. For one, marketing automation tools can introduce an array of business benefits, like the ease of manageability for one. By using proper automation tools and platforms, campaigns, interactions, and marketing data can be easily organized and monitored.

In addition to keeping marketing tasks well organized, using automation tools can make tracking the company’s progress simple. Analytical information concerning all aspects of marketing techniques can be recorded, organized, and compared so that business owners can determine which ventures work and which need improvements. Thanks to simple, automatically generated information, companies can put their best foot forward when it comes to investing in marketing techniques that yield the best results.

When operating small businesses, it often seems like there are not enough employees or hours in the day available to complete all of the important marketing tasks a company needs in order to grow as a business. However, by using automated tools and services, business owners and staff alike can step back from the more tedious (yet necessary) marketing tasks and instead invest their talents where they’re needed. Instead of sitting at a desk and investing hours into tasks, an automated tool can complete in minutes, and employees can do what they’re best at, helping expand the company through creative processes.

Marketing Automation Tools and Platforms

Marketing Automation Tools and Platforms Automated Dreams

The possibilities are nearly endless when it comes to digital marketing automation, and as of this year, there is a wide array of different platforms that offer both free and low-cost automation tools.

  • HubSpot: HubSpot is an automation powerhouse, as it has a full range of software programs that handle both marketing and support. Thanks to the different integration capabilities, HubSpot makes it easy to keep track of marketing data and workflows, which can help make room for countless creative automated processes.
  • Ontraport: Ontraport presents highly-useful tools in both customer relationships management and marketing automation. For example, their growth tools include but are not limited to email campaigns, reports, e-commerce, and landing page creation. In addition, Ontraport takes the data that it reports and creates clear images concerning how well certain campaigns are performing.
  • ActiveCampaign: ActiveCampaign is intended to assist business owners with marketing automation mainly through email campaigns. However, ActiveCampaign is a flexible, multi-functional tool that helps companies improve on many different aspects of their marketing techniques. For one, ActiveCampaign does well to improve email delivery rates, which is a massive benefit for companies who depend on email for a lot of their promotional interactions.
  • ManyChat: ManyChat is a Facebook Messenger automation tool that allows users to create and utilize chatbots in order to take care of their different customer interaction and lead conversion needs. It’s a relatively straightforward program that puts the power of human-like chatbots into the hands of any business owner.

There is something for every business when it comes to digital marketing automation tools. Because companies can never seem to be too busy with expanding their businesses, it’s a great benefit to be able to hand a variety of tasks to an automation tool. This way, the business owner is still in charge of the way things are progressing without having to invest the valuable time and money needed to bring in and train more employees.

If marketing is an overwhelming part of running your business, consider utilizing marketing automation services. There is such an expansive variety of tools and services available today that there truly is something for every business owner. The possibilities open up significantly when companies can take the hassle out of marketing tasks and allow their employees to dedicate their time to their best potential. Leave the more tedious tasks to machinery and get back to the creative processes that made your company a reality.

If you’re considering marketing automation as a solution for a more manageable and measurable marketing experience, book a free consultation with Automated Dreams. We are only a click away, and we can’t wait to help you make significant improvements in your marketing strategy.

For more help with system integration, be sure to reach out to us at Automated Dreams today.

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