As a leader, one of the many hats you wear is looking for ways to continuously grow your business. You want to attract new customers and keep the ones you have; increase sales and improve customer service. And, of course, you want to do all of these without breaking the bank.

HubSpot’s automation features top the list of business optimization and automation tools that can truly help to streamline and scale a business’ operations. If you already use their tools, you might agree.

Whether you’re a current or new user, you’ll learn about some very useful HubSpot features that can help grow and scale your Marketing, Sales, and Customer Services units in this blog. Let’s get started.

HubSpot Marketing Hub Features

New HubSpot Features

HubSpot’s Marketing Hub is one of the most comprehensive marketing automation platforms available today. It helps marketers and marketing departments manage all their marketing activities within one centralized dashboard. As HubSpot continues to improve its platform, below are some useful features that can help marketers engage customers better.

1. AI-Powered Content Optimization

The AI-powered content optimization feature uses AI algorithms to analyze customer data and automatically adjusts content to better resonate with customers. It uses machine learning to uncover customer preferences and past engagement and then tailors the content around their preferences.

This AI-driven approach allows marketers to customize content to an increasingly granular level and create personalized experiences for each customer.

Setting up AI-powered content optimization is straightforward. HubSpot offers an intuitive, user-friendly interface that allows you to select content themes and topics that appeal to your customers. From here, you have the option to select specific parameters for the AI optimization tool and set up customer segmentation for more precise targeting. 

2. Enhanced Email Deliverability Tool 

HubSpot’s enhanced email delivery tool is super helpful in improving customer engagement and conversions. This feature allows users to modify email campaigns properly and automate the delivery of emails.

It uses AI algorithms to analyze customer engagement data and build an automated email delivery schedule that is based on their preferences and behavior. This allows you to take a more data-driven approach to email marketing, as you can quickly optimize and personalize campaigns for different customer segments. 

You can set up the enhanced email delivery tool in a few easy steps. You get to create personalized scheduling for your campaigns and optimize them for different user segments. Also, HubSpot’s intuitive UI makes it easy to find the customer segment you need and get started with your campaigns, while reducing manual effort and increasing efficiency.

3. Advanced Targeting and Segmentation Options 

The advanced targeting and segmentation options are some of the best features that HubSpot has to offer. With these, your marketing department gets to target customers based on their interests and behavior. You can select customer segments based on behavior, demographics, or other criteria. You get to quickly create segments that are tailored to the contact you intend to send marketing messages to. You can also set the best time and frequency for sending messages to ensure the highest engagement rates.

HubSpot Sales Hub Features

HubSpot Sales Hub Features

HubSpot Sales Hub is packed with features designed to help sales teams sell smarter and faster. Below are some :

1. Forecasting and Reporting Capabilities 

HubSpot’s forecasting and reporting features help sales teams to analyze their data and act faster and more accurately. With its AI-powered analytics, you can generate instant predictions for sales opportunities and forecast future revenue. 

Thankfully, setting up reports and forecasting can be done in just a few clicks. Navigate to the Sales Hub tab and click “Forecasting and Reporting”. A page that allows you to customize the settings and metrics that you want to use in your reports will load immediately. And once you’re done, click “Save” to view the customized reporting dashboard. If you’d like to set up advanced report dashboards that capture more comprehensive data, reach out to us. We’d be happy to help.

2. Sales Automation Tool

HubSpot’s sales automation tool has powerful features to help sales teams increase their productivity while automating tedious tasks. It also gives them access to up-to-date and comprehensive reports and provides a clearer view of the customer’s sales journey. 

To start using the sales automation tools on HubSpot, navigate to the “Sales Hub” tab and click on “Sales Automation”. From there, you can begin to customize the settings and set up automation flows and triggers that you want to use. To start making the most of this tool in no time and go beyond the basic sales automation processes, you’ll need to hire a business process automation and consulting expert.

3. Customizable Deal Pipelines and Deal Management

Another exciting feature within HubSpot’s sales hub is the customizable deal pipelines and deal management feature. This feature will let you create custom deal pipelines, categorize deals, and assign roles to facilitate better team collaboration. It helps to ensure that your team is always on track and organized.

HubSpot Service Hub

HubSpot Sales Hub Features

HubSpot’s Service Hub helps to provide customers with outstanding service and maximize customer engagement. Below are three of its features that will improve your service delivery.:

1. AI-Driven Customer Support Automation 

AI-driven customer support automation on HubSpot frees customer service teams from routine tasks, such as dealing with frequently asked questions or responding to basic customer inquiries. The AI assistant bot is triggered by customer inputs and helps to respond to inquiries quickly and efficiently.

To begin to use this feature, you’ll need to configure the customer service automation bot to fit your customer service needs. Or better still, reach out to an independent automation specialist to help you set it up.

2. knowledge Base Management

HubSpot’s knowledge base management is a feature that allows you to create engaging content that helps customers find answers to their questions quickly. It offers an organized and searchable library of content that makes it easier for users to find the information they need.

This feature makes it possible to create categories, subcategories, and tags. You also get to design beautiful newsletters and give your customers the ability to subscribe and get notifications when new content is released. Additionally, it has an analytics dashboard that will help you track how customers are using your content and make sure that it is up-to-date and relevant.

Setting up a knowledge base library is straightforward. Start by creating categories, subcategories, and add relevant tags. Then, you can start creating content under each category and adding tags to each piece of content. 

3. Ticketing and Issue-Tracking 

HubSpot’s ticketing and issue-tracking feature allows you to manage customer inquiries more efficiently. You get to assign inquiries to the appropriate customer service agent and track customer queries more accurately.

To start using this feature, create and set up a customer service team within HubSpot. After completing that, HubSpot takes care of the rest. Incoming tickets and customer queries will be handled automatically and pushed to the designated staff for resolution. If you assistance with this, we’d be glad to help. Schedule a free call with us.

Tips for Implementing and Using Advanced HubSpot Features

Tips for Implementing and Using Advanced HubSpot Features

Setting up and implementing HubSpot’s features appropriately cannot be overemphasized. It comes with unlimited benefits, improves your experience, and gives you value for money spent on subscriptions.  But before you choose the feature(s) to set up, consider these.

  1. Understand your customer’s needs: It is important to understand what your customers truly need as it will help you choose the right features for your business.
  2. Set goals: Set goals, make provisions to track progress, and measure the effectiveness of the features you are about to implement. Have a checklist that will help you continuously compare and contrast.
  3. Create user-friendly SOPs: Writing user-friendly Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) is important if you’d like employees to accept and start using your new processes effectively as soon as they go live. 
  4. Integrate supported existing systems: When you integrate your existing systems and apps, you’ll be able to start mining data instantly and be poised to make the most of the features available on HubSpot.

The Benefits of Implementing Advanced HubSpot Features

The Benefits of Implementing Advanced HubSpot Features

  • Increased customer loyalty and retention: With automated customer service workflows, you’ll respond to customer queries faster and boost customer loyalty and retention. 
  • Comprehensive workflows: You can create multi-level workflows that will further save time and let your employees focus on other high-value activities.
  • Improved marketing campaigns: HubSpot’s advanced marketing features will help you capture, nurture, and convert leads more effectively. They enhance the lead management process and help you continue to track and engage leads throughout the sales funnel.
  • Simpler and more efficient operations: HubSpot’s multiple templates and tools will help simplify your workflows and processes further.
  • Seamless sales processes: Features like sales automation, contact management, and deal tracking will help your sales reps stay organized, manage relationships, and prioritize their efforts.


With its improved automated customer service workflows, AI and Machine Learning capabilities, and customer databases, among others, HubSpot has all the tools you need to maximize leads, sales, and customer service processes in your business. But you can’t do it alone. Work with our team of certified and experienced HubSpot automation experts to set up the right processes, and implement the features that your business will benefit the most from.

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