Choose the Email Marketing Tool That Works Best for Your Business

Choose the Email Marketing Tool That Works Best for Your Business

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For companies that handle a significant amount of their business exchanges online, email marketing can be an important part of their marketing strategy.

Because email marketing sends business-related messages via email to a list of targeted recipients, email marketing can be used to satisfy a wide variety of marketing needs. From increasing revenue through promotions and sale announcements to reminding consumers about important company information, email marketing can spread the word without forcing employees and marketing teams to invest more time than what they have available.

Though there are regulations that determine how email marketing can and cannot be used, there are still ways that business professionals can make decent use of this reliable marketing tactic.

Why is Email Marketing Important?

Email marketing features may differ from those of Messenger marketing, but the tasks that can be accomplished through this method are highly important when it comes to business growth. This is because email marketing is a fast, efficient, and cost-effective way to spread current news about a business.

By marketing through email blasts, businesses can send personalized messages to various targeted recipient lists and exercise practices that will help reach new customers as well as retain the company’s existing customer base.

For example, email marketing can be used to inform customers about a new sale or an important announcement through either a newsletter or a short promotional email. By sending these emails and including an engaging subject line, potential and established customers are likely to click each message and follow the link or links listed therein. With this, customers can take advantage of their favorite products or services as well as the savings advertised in the promotional material.

When shoppers truly enjoy a brand and its products, they like to stay connected and informed about any changes that are taking place. It’s because of this that 28% of online shoppers tend to subscribe to brand emails. This method of engagement satisfies customers by giving them the information they need without bombarding them with sales-heavy advertisements too often.

Email Marketing Platforms

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Though email marketing is an effective factor in any marketing strategy, many companies avoid researching and utilizing email marketing platforms. For a number of reasons, this marketing strategy is not being used as often as it should be. Sometimes, businesses feel that using Messenger marketing techniques will work well enough. Other times, the company does not want to invest time and money into a venture they’re not fully convinced will be a benefit.

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Additionally, some marketing teams, especially for new businesses, feel that it would be too complicated to get familiar with an email marketing platform.

Fortunately, there are several affordable, user-friendly email marketing tools and platforms available on the market. Practically anyone can use them to create engaging email blasts for their customer bases.

  • Omnisend: Omnisend offers enough features on the free version to satisfy the email marketing needs of most small and medium-sized companies. In addition, it is a fantastic e-commerce platform that keeps track of a company’s communication efforts in a single place.

  • Email Octopus: Email Octopus is designed with simplicity in mind, and offers easy email automation services as well as analytical tools so that businesses can measure the success of their campaigns. The platform offers a free trial, as well as several different plans so that there is something for every business size.

  • Constant Contact: Constant Contact has a 60-day free trial so that users can become familiar with the platform’s features and decide whether this tool will complement the company’s marketing techniques. It’s a simple, user-friendly platform with an array of features and plans.

  • HubSpot: HubSpot has both free and premium plans designed to fit the needs of all business sizes. It is affordable and packed with features that can easily integrate with other marketing tools.

  • MailChimp: MailChimp is a relatively easy-to-use email marketing provider and in addition to the useful features it offers, the platform also offers a free trial so that users can take time to decide whether this tool is right for them. It is one of the leading email marketing programs on the market today.

While there are a lot of email marketing programs available, it’s important to research each offer carefully. At the end of the day, business owners know their companies best and can make the most informed decision once they have carefully analyzed their options. Most marketing platforms offer similar sets of features, but in order to choose wisely, it’s crucial to examine the finer details of each plan.

If you’re in need of help when it comes to email marketing for your company, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our marketing experts can offer invaluable advice and help owners make important decisions that are sure to propel businesses to the next level. We can’t wait to help.

Be sure to reach out to us at Automated Dreams today.

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