5 Signs You Should Consider Switching to Cloud PBX

cloud bpx for communication

Here are a few surefire signs you should consider switching to cloud PBX. Poor communication can be a problem for any business because it can affect employee efficiency and client experience. The longer you allow communication issues to linger, the further you move away from your business goals. Most business owners view the poor communication skills of SDRs and other employees as a daunting concern. However, the root often lies in outdated and unreliable phone systems. Upgrading to a cloud-based system is the best solution, but organizations often get complacent about the move.

Sign #1- The traditional phone system does not work

An outdated, legacy phone system can be a problem for any organization. It can affect customer service, as contacting your business may be daunting. You may end up losing clients due to poor communication. Watch out for this sign, and consider giving up your unreliable traditional phone system before it affects your revenues and reputation. You can set up a new cloud-based phone system with minimal effort and investment.

Sign #2- Fielding calls take up most of your day

Customers expect to communicate easily with business reps to seek answers and solutions to their concerns. But routing calls to the right team member or department may be tricky. If you spend most of the day routing customer calls, switching to cloud PBX is a better option. Look for one with an auto-attendant feature that automatically routes calls to the right person. The system reduces the workload of managers and eases customer experience.

Sign #3- You need to make conference calls

Besides poor client communication, keeping all employees on the same page may be a telltale sign to switch to cloud PBX. Upgrading to a PBX hosted phone system empowers your business with enterprise-grade features, including the ability to make conference calls. You get a pre-designed web interface to make conference calls and connect people working from anywhere. Cloud telephony is ideal in the hybrid work era when most businesses have a part of the workforce working remotely.

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Sign #4- You constantly struggle with maintenance and support

Another sign to consider moving to cloud PBX is that you constantly struggle with maintenance and support. On-premise business phone systems with desk phones lead to a hefty maintenance responsibility. You may often require technicians to restore up-time, and delays may affect operations. With cloud-based telephony, you are in control of your system. Your communications are secure, and you can also cut your overheads.

Sign #5- You want to build a future-proof enterprise

Switching to cloud PBX is imperative if you want to future-proof your business. Moving to the cloud empowers you with 99.99% uptime, so you have a better disaster plan for your business. You need not worry about messing up your revenues due to non-availability to customers with effective online communications in place. Moreover, the move keeps you relevant and competitive for the long haul.

Switching to a cloud PBX is a wise decision for any business, regardless of size and scale. Consider it a savvy investment to keep your internal and external communications on track.

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