Building a Digital Marketing Campaign to Set Your Insurance Agency Apart from the Competition

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When you're crafting a digital marketing campaign for your insurance agency, you're competing in a fiercely competitive environment. Although there are lots of tried-and-tested techniques out there, your mission is to try and increase your sales.

With a few insurance agency digital marketing tips, you can set yourself apart from your competitors and attract more clients to your business.

Push personalized email marketing campaigns

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Email marketing is an underused approach for insurance firms. Although you may have tried it before, you might feel frustrated by a lack of success. When it comes to digging out new prospects, existing policyholders are often an excellent resource.

One way to overcome the email marketing campaign hump is to take a personalized approach, which insurance consumers now expect. Hone in on your target customers’ spending and habits, look for gaps, and then offer them a product that fills the gap. You could also try turning your hand to cross-selling by honing in on your policyholder’s previous & existing types of coverage.

Provide your existing customers with an incentive for referring friends and family. In the case of professionals and employers, give them perks for each successful referral they make. People trust word-of-mouth referrals the most, which means your policyholders are your greatest asset.

Leverage the data from your AMS

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Each Agency Management System (AMS) holds a wealth of information that agencies can use to their advantage. Unfortunately, not everyone will do what they can to use this information strategically to shape their marketing campaigns.

Using a modern platform such as Ontraport, you can import data from your AMS and use it to create custom campaigns, from automated renewals to cross-selling multiple lines of business. You can manage your existing contacts according to their behaviors and preferences.

With the data that Ontraport gathers, you can automate your marketing campaigns so that they hit each customer at just the right time. In return, you should see an increase in engagement, for minimal effort.

Deliver customized content that educates & Engages consumers

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No matter what type of insurance you specialize in, your customers and prospects don't want consistent sales pitches. Instead, they want useful information that they can educate themselves with.

While creating content for your campaigns, try to step away from focusing only on insurance. Instead, look at the niche you're working in. When it comes to healthcare, this could mean producing content that focuses on tips for a healthy lifestyle. Or if you provide professional liability insurance, perhaps it’s an article on simple steps businesses can make to help limit their exposure to liabilities & reduce risk.

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Producing educational content helps to position your brand as useful. It's also a handy organic SEO tool, plus it makes you more approachable. When your customers aren't consistently facing hard-selling tactics, their sense of trust in you as their insurance provider will grow.

Drive social media engagement

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In many respects, driving social media engagement has never been easier. But you probably don't want to rely on paid advertising tools alone. Instead, you need to take a savvy approach to increase engagement organically.

Much like when you create unique content, don't just stick to the topic of insurance. Find ways to create seasonal posts that are appealing to your target audience. One handy way to achieve this is through holding question-and-answer sessions. For example, if you work in the travel insurance industry, you could hold a Q&A on how to make claims when abroad.

While it may seem a little daunting, you might also want to share other people's content. By this, we don't mean sharing content from competitors. Instead, share content from relevant sites that could prove useful to your customer. Doing this is an easy way to maintain followers and drive post engagement.

Finally, don't be afraid to host competitions. By hosting giveaways that require likes and shares, you're gaining exposure for your services.

Experiment with different forms of PPC

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Once upon a time, Google Ads (previously AdWords) was the only PPC option out there. Although it's still going strong, your clients can benefit from the PPC services offered by various social media outlets.

Facebook is particularly useful, as you can refine your PPC campaign using finite filters. For example, if you're focusing on a particular element of health insurance, you can advertise it to specific demographics at the time they're most likely to buy it.

Make sure you choose a social media channel that most appeals to your target audience. For example, your typical Instagram user is usually aged between 18 and 24. Because of this, it's probably not a cost-effective channel when your target market is older Millennials, Gen X, or Boomers.


Trying to stand out as an insurance agency when there are so many options out there can sometimes feel difficult. However, there are lots of tactics you can use.

From narrowing your social media campaigns to leveraging your AMS data, there's a lot you can do to set yourself apart from the competition. Once you've found success, your reputation will grow and you'll become a go-to provider for products in your niche.

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