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Partner With Us to Boost Client Retention on Trainual

Keep your clients glued to Trainual by not just offering them a platform, but a transformative experience.
How? Beyond onboarding, we’ll help them automate their sales, marketing, and operations processes, create comprehensive SOPs, and design training modules that can drive growth in their team.

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Why Partner with Automated Dreams?


Unmatched Retention

Every business seeks tools they can't function without. With our SOPs and immersive training modules, we transform Trainual from just another platform to an operational cornerstone. When your clients integrate our tailored solutions, they won’t just utilize Trainual – they’ll consider it their team's lifeline.


Automation Excellence

Automation is in our DNA. But it's not just about streamlining tasks; it's about elevating the entire business operation. With Automated Dreams, your clients will be introduced to processes so refined and efficient, that they'll marvel at the reduction in errors and the boost in productivity. Every procedure we set is tailored, tested, and timed to perfection.


Knowledge Central

Remember the feeling of having a go-to encyclopedia for everything as a kid? That's what we do with Trainual. Our comprehensive documentation makes it the nucleus of knowledge, the one-stop reference point ensuring consistent, correct actions every time. When teams know where to look, they act faster, smarter, and with far greater confidence.

What You Stand to Gain

Higher Commission
More active users mean higher renewals and upsells. Recommend us, and see your commission grow!
Build Trust
When clients see results, they trust your recommendations more. By partnering with us, you’re providing them with a resource to enhance their operations and make the most of Trainual.
Feedback Loop
With our extensive client interactions, we can provide valuable feedback about features or services your clients wish to see in Trainual, helping you stay ahead of the curve.
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The Automated Dreams Blueprint

From Goals to Growth

Here’s a peek into our meticulously crafted process that not only propels businesses forward but also magnifies the impact of Trainual:


Discovery & Strategy

We begin by understanding your client’s unique challenges and goals. This phase is all about gathering insights, analyzing gaps, and charting out a roadmap for automation success.


Business Automation Implementation

With a clear roadmap in hand, our team dives into automating processes. Whether it’s marketing funnels, customer service flows, or sales pipelines, we ensure every process is streamlined to perfection.


Trainual Documentation

As we implement, Trainual becomes the epicenter. Every automated process, every tech integration, and every SOP is meticulously documented in Trainual. This ensures that the entire team has a clear, centralized reference point. It’s not just about teaching them the ‘how’; it’s about helping them understand the ‘why’. And when teams get the ‘why’, they feel fulfilled, empowered, and more importantly, eager to continually engage with Trainual.


Ongoing Support & Optimization

The journey doesn’t end with implementation. We continually monitor, analyze, and refine. With feedback loops and periodic checks, we ensure that your client’s business is always on the growth trajectory, and their engagement with Trainual remains unwavering.

A Win-Win for Everyone

For Your Clients
Enhanced efficiency, reduced errors, and comprehensive training that makes them stick with Trainual longer.
For Trainual
Engaged and satisfied users who not only stick around but become vocal advocates.

Amplify Client Success

Imagine if every time you presented Trainual, your prospects not only saw a tool but a transformative journey to peak efficiency and team empowerment. That's what you’ll get when you recommend Automated Dreams.

By endorsing us, you’re not just suggesting an add-on, but offering a blueprint for businesses to unlock their maximum potential. Together, let’s sell success stories.

Ready to make a difference?

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