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Let’s Turn Your MQLs into Closed Sales

At Automated Dreams, We Reinforce Your Sales Efforts, Align with Your Ambitions, Convert, and Fulfill the Needs of Your Leads

We Work for You, and With You

You've hit the bullseye - uncovered the perfect Pipefy opportunity for a prospect or client. But there's a twist – a partner nudges them in a different direction. That's not how we roll.

We don’t just stop at suggestions; we crank up the power and make sure your ideas stand strong. Count on us to ensure your clients not only get the Pipefy solutions they need but also the ones that fit them like a glove.

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Why Collaborate with Automated Dreams?


Deep Understanding of Pipefy

Beyond automation certifications, we are experienced specialists with a profound understanding of Pipefy’s features and provisions, from process automation to performance analytics. We are poised to implement the most effective solutions for any business challenge.


Supporting Your Sales Efforts

We acknowledge the effort you invest in finding the perfect fit for your prospect. Our primary goal is to bolster your sales and ensure the client reaps the full benefits of Pipefy's advanced features like customized workflows and integration capabilities.


Seamless Teamwork

We champion the power of collaboration. When you introduce us to a potential client, we work in tandem with you to ensure a seamless and enjoyable transition from a lead to a satisfied Pipefy user.


Flexible Approach

Our adaptability ensures we address the unique needs of every client.


Value-Driven Solutions

Our packages are competitive but we never compromise on quality.


Speedy Implementation

We prioritize onboarding and implementing new processes and flows for your clients.

How We Empower Pipefy Users to Reach Their Goals


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Our Pledge to You

We recognize the trust you place in us when you recommend Automated Dreams to a client. We are committed to honoring that trust by ensuring every client you introduce to us becomes a Pipefy success story. Together, let’s delight Pipefy customers and achieve extraordinary growth.

Our Expertise Spans a Wide Range of Industries

  • Real Estate

  • Consumer Services

  • Education

  • Electrical manufacturers

  • Event Planning

  • Finance & Investments

  • Healthcare

  • HR Management

  • Legal

  • Management Consulting

  • Manufacturing

  • Retail

  • SaaS

While we’re experts in all things business automation, our spotlight gleams brightest on Sales and Services processes.
We believe these powerhouses are where the heartbeat of business growth and customer satisfaction resides, and we help to supercharge them.

Ready to Team Up with Us?

We’ll help you close more deals and build lasting relationships with your clients.

Real Estate Shape 2 Automated Dreams