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Transform Your Sales Process with Precision and Agility

Setup advanced HubSpot Sales Hub features, enhance sales performance, close deals faster, and build lasting relationships

Think of your sales process as a finely tuned orchestra. While it is harmonious and has great potential, it may lose its rhythm without the right conductor. At Automated Dreams, we’re not just conductors; we compose and, orchestrate your HubSpot Sales Hub to perform at its peak. As an accredited HubSpot for Sales partner, we make sure your sales engine stays in tune and guide your business to new growth heights.
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HubSpot Sales Hub: Your Sales Accelerator

When HubSpot’s Sales Hub is meticulously configured and customized to align with your unique sales strategy, it becomes the heartbeat of your sales efforts and empowers your team to surpass its sales targets effortlessly.

With us, you get a business process automation partner who understands the Sales Hub HubSpot platform inside-out and can adapt its robust features to your advantage.

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Why Choose Automated Dreams?


We’ve mastered the nuances of the HubSpot ecosystem. Our team has over 20 years of combined experience in delivering state-of-the-art Sales Hub solutions.


Our HubSpot Sales Hub implementations are crafted for your unique sales challenges.


Switching from another platform? We offer specialized assistance for migrations from other sales automation platforms.

Our Comprehensive Implementation Process


Discovery and Analysis

We begin with an in-depth discovery and analysis phase, understanding your sales process, assessing your specific needs, and presenting a detailed project timeline.



Our team handles the initial setup of your HubSpot for Sales account, including user creation, brand integration, domain setup, and compliance with legal regulations.


Custom Data Configuration

We tailor your data structures to track essential sales information, reflecting the different stages of your sales funnel accurately.



We link your tech stack, ensure smooth data flow, and create custom integrations tailored to your processes.


Asset Development and Migration

We equip your team with new assets or migrate existing ones to your HubSpot Sales Hub environment, including templates, lists, and workflows.


Custom Reporting

We build custom dashboards to track progress toward your sales goals and offer insights that drive success.


Training & Enablement

We provide comprehensive training sessions to help your team master the HubSpot for Sales platform, along with comprehensive documentation for easy reference.

Got Questions?
We’ve Answered the Most Common Ones Clients Ask Us

How does Automated Dreams' HubSpot Sales Hub implementation differ from the standard HubSpot Sales Hub setup?

We go beyond standard setups by aligning HubSpot Sales Hub with your unique business strategy and optimizing it for peak performance. Our data-driven approach ensures that the platform is tailored to your specific needs and improves your ROI.

How will HubSpot Sales Hub integrate with our existing software stack?

Our team of experts will ensure seamless integration of HubSpot Sales Hub with your existing marketing tools, analytics platforms, and more. This unified approach enhances data flow and collaboration across departments.

What kind of training and ongoing support does Automated Dreams provide?

We offer hands-on training, specialized sessions, and comprehensive documentation to ensure your team is fully equipped to leverage HubSpot for Sales. Our ongoing support includes troubleshooting, updates, and continuous optimization to ensure long-term success.

How long does a typical HubSpot Sales Hub implementation take with Automated Dreams?

The duration varies based on your specific needs and complexity. Our team works closely with you to create a timeline that ensures a smooth transition without disrupting existing workflows.

Can Automated Dreams assist with data migration when switching to HubSpot Sales Hub?

Yes, our team will handle data migration and ensure accuracy and integrity. We assess your current data structure, create custom properties in HubSpot, and provide guidance on best practices for ongoing data management.

How can we ensure that HubSpot Sales Hub aligns with our specific industry needs?

Our experience working with clients in various industries equips us with the capacity to tailor HubSpot Sales Hub to your specific sector. We understand the unique challenges and opportunities in different markets and customize the platform accordingly.

Are you ready to tailor HubSpot Sales Hub to achieve your sales targets?

Work with an accredited HubSpot Sales Hub Implementation partner.

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