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Process Optimization

How We Scaled Katrina Ubell’s Operations Through Custom Tool Development, Error-Free Data Migration, and Seamless Systems Integration Process

Client Overview


The Katrina Ubell team realized they needed to create a new Content Library that was distinct from their original membership platform. The intent was to improve user experience by providing an alternative way to access resources to some members.

Two significant challenges arose:
Facilitating real-time transfer of data and course progress from the current membership site to the new content library, as this would help members keep track of new and previously completed courses or content.
Making sure the new platform had the same content as the existing membership site.

Our Approach

To grasp the client’s challenges and goals, we held a series of strategy meetings. During these discussions, we drew diagrams to outline the intended project scope and the necessary features.

We needed to adopt best practices and high-level expertise throughout the implementation process, so we assessed Katrina Ubell’s existing technologies. We subsequently advised that they would need to use a different tool for the new content library (since some “need-to-have” features were not possible to do with their existing tech stack) and implement ProgressAlly to track the progress of each course/resource.

To facilitate efficient project execution, we reached an agreement with the KU team to divide the project into two phases:

  • A comprehensive content library development, with real-time integration of user progress and seamless content management and accessibility.
  • Migration of existing resources and historical user progress from the membership site to the new platform, and ensuring a smooth transition while preserving valuable user data.

This approach kept both teams focused on specific tasks at each stage and prevented scope creep during the implementation phase.
By clearly defining the responsibilities and deliverables, we maintained project alignment and delivered the desired outcomes successfully.

Solution Implemented

In the first phase, we implemented the new content library on WordPress, on the same account as KU’s membership site without compromising the existing site or taking it offline to create the new platform.

The content library had a series of features that helped members gain access to resources. We created filters for different content types and improved the process of checking previously completed resources.

We equally integrated the membership site and configured it to send user data in real-time to the content library, sync the progress of each resource, and keep them up to date. We developed these custom processes without third-party tools like Zapier or Workato.

In the second phase (migration of content and progress), we organized and migrated more than 400 resources to the content library. We agreed on a way to document and tag the documents and used the new tools to migrate the content seamlessly.

To move about 1800 current and past user accounts to the new system, we built another tool to automate the migration process. This tool is reusable for future offline sync and reduces the manual workload for KU’s team.


The content library was created and implemented within a shorter period than originally outlined. It has all the needed features and some nice-to-haves we had time to implement.

We automated the migration of over 400 resources (including video, audio, and text), and tagged and categorized them in a way that made the transition smooth. We saved time and struck out error-prone manual processes.

Within a month, we successfully migrated 268,286 progress milestones for over 1700 users (past and present) in real-time through a bidirectional integration between both systems, while keeping all data up-to-date.

This allowed the Katrina Ubell team to focus on preparing for the new system launch.

From the Horse’s Mouth

Katrine Ubell logo case study white Automated Dreams
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In a Nutshell…

The Katrina Ubell team needed to create a separate content library for members to access resources differently. Two challenges emerged: ensuring real-time progress transfer from the former site and guaranteeing the new system’s content matches the membership site.

To understand the client’s challenges and goals, we adopted our proprietary methodology to outline the project scope and features. We assessed their tech stack and recommended new custom tools.

The project involved implementing a new content library on WordPress, integrating it with the existing membership site, migrating resources, and keeping user progress in sync. We developed a tool to automatically migrate the resources and reduce manual workload significantly.

In a shorter-than-expected timeframe (within a month), we created the content library and implemented data migration and tool integration with all necessary features and some additional enhancements.

If you’d like to achieve seamless migration of your data from outdated platforms, integrate new tools with zero downtime, save time for your team, and improve user experience for your customers, we can help.