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Streamlining the Sales Cycle

How We Helped GoNoodle Reduce Their Average Time to Conversion

Client Overview

GoNoodle is an Educational Technology, Business-to-Business, Software-as-a-Service company with over 50 employees that set out to fight childhood obesity and is now shifting to address the current mental health crisis kids are facing by helping teachers and parents get kids moving with short interactive activities. GoNoodle is a free video platform for teachers and families. They decided to extend their product line by launching a Social Emotional Learning Platform, SuperNoodle.

SuperNoodle is an SEL Curriculum For Elementary-Aged Learners built on the power of GoNoodle and its reach into 96% of public elementary schools in the United States.





Company Size

+50 employees


About the Case

With the exponential growth of their newly launched product, GoNoodle needed to improve and make their sales process more efficient, automate tasks, reminders, proposals, and invoicing processes.

What We Did:
Our team of Business Process Consultants helped them identify and streamline their vital workflows. We dived deep into their organization’s operations, meticulously analyzing and mapping each process to propose best practices and uncover areas of improvement. We evaluated their current technology and systems to ensure a high level of expertise in the implementation and suggest any valuable tool for it.

With that, we implemented several workflow automations to save operational time, reduce errors, and improve overall efficiency. We collaborated with their team to identify opportunities for automation and designed tailor-made solutions that perfectly align with their goals and objectives to impact performance.

Finally, our training and support process ensured that their team was fully equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to master the BPA tools even before the launch.


The GoNoodle team reached out to discuss the SuperNoodle product launch, expected for the 2023-2024 school year. Since the new product would reach a massive number of elementary schools, it was necessary to implement a new site and automations to simplify the process for the sales team.

Initially, they engaged with us to help them migrate from Freshsales into Ontraport as their CRM and set up their system. After some initial work and discussion, we offered them a more complex solution that would include Business Process Management, new funnels and automation opportunities, and a better way to see all their processes at a glance. They agreed and we started working on it.

Our Approach

We conducted strategy sessions to understand the pain points and goals of the client. During these strategy sessions, we created diagrams to outline the new product’s sales funnel and the new automation for their business process.

We also evaluated their current technologies to ensure that we could keep best practices and a high level of expertise in the implementation. We ended up suggesting they migrate from Freshsales to Ontraport, implement PandaDoc software to create, send, and sign proposals, and provide automation for invoice creation and tracking on Sage Intacct (their accounting system).

On top of all that, another improvement to their initial needs was to add different pipelines to follow sales and proposals. This would help to make the entire process easier to read and understand and to track each proposal or sale at a glance.

Solution Implemented

We helped GoNoodle outline the sales funnel for their new product to achieve process efficiency. We also helped them choose, configure, and set up their new CRM system, and define custom objects and inbound information needed in the sales pipeline. For this, we created different manuals and SOPs they can refer to when working with these tools.

We helped to streamline their workflows by automating repetitive tasks that their sales team would have had to handle, owing to the increasing number of elementary schools that are interested in the new product.

Specifically, we implemented different automations that allowed them to:

  • Create contact and deal records, and move them through the sales stages of the funnel.
  • Create proposals on the PandaDoc software and monitor their status.
  • Assign tasks for the sales team as well as check process status and send timely reminders.
  • Create and track invoices on their accounting system.
  • Log payments on their accounting system.

After implementation, testing, and quality control, we wanted to make sure to meet the requirements of the GoNoodle team, so we created manuals, SOPs, and training videos to ease the transition of their sales team to the newly implemented system, and conducted delivery calls to explain and train them.

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We completed and tested all the automations and processes implemented in three months. And as a result, GoNoodle was able to launch and scale its new product, SuperNoodle, without any glitches in the sales process within 6 months.

Through our proprietary process management methodology, we streamlined GoNoodle’s sales cycle and reduced their Average Time to Conversion (ATC).

With the new system in place, we helped to cut out human errors in their proposal process.

What they had to say about our services.

GoNoodleLogo Registered Reverse Automated Dreams
Quote Automated Dreams
Automated Dreams is a true dream team. They are an excellent partner in providing recommendations, best practices, as well as the behind the scenes work of building an automated sales team. Not only are they a delight to work with (some of us on our team may or may not have talked about wanting to put them in our pocket and carry them around with us), their care makes them feel like a true part of our company’s team.

Nancy Lew

Sales Manager at GoNoodle

We redefined GoNoodle’s sales journey and empowered their sales team through our proprietary process management approach. The result? Faster conversions and a more efficient team.

If you’re looking to streamline your sales process and watch your conversion rates increase, it’s time to check that goal off your list. Reach out to us today!