What To Do When Your Chat Marketing Strategy is Not Working

What To Do When Your Chat Marketing Strategy is Not Working

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Chat marketing encompasses the method that many companies use to engage specific targets in their audience to advertise relevant products and services. When it comes to using Manychat chatbots to initiate the majority of these acts, human beings are in charge of directing their digital marketing processes in a significant way.

However, sometimes chat marketing does not seem to work as well as the company intends and business owners find themselves frustrated with the lack of results. There may be several reasons behind why these issues arise, from a simple misunderstanding of the Messenger tool’s capabilities and functions to creating bots that do not sound human enough to make employees feel comfortable interacting with them.

Fortunately, there are a few relatively easy ways to make improvements to a faulty chat marketing strategy and start converting leads in a way that benefits the company and increases profits.

Features and Benefits of Chat Marketing

Features and Benefits of Chat Marketing Automated Dreams

It’s a no-brainer why so many companies choose to use Manychat chatbots to handle inquiries via Facebook Messenger. For one, chatbots do not sleep, and they do not require overtime pay. This means that they can be available at all times to immediately respond to customer inquiries and answer common questions. Meanwhile, your human employees can tackle the tougher tasks that come with running a successful business.

Chatbots can add a human element to their responses without actually needing a human at the keyboard, and in addition to answering simple questions, chatbots can refer customers to certain products, help with checkouts, and progress help requests if the customer’s issue is beyond their ability to solve.

Having a “staff member” that’s available 24 hours a day and can field several requests at a time reinforced the fact that your customers are the highlight of your entire business. A happy customer is a loyal customer, and loyal customers tend to tell friends, family, and co-workers about their good experiences when a company shows them care and appreciation.

Why the Chat Marketing Strategy is Not Working

Much of the time, issues with chat marketing stem from the user’s expectations being misplaced. Facebook Messenger marketing is not intended to be used as a standalone strategy for all things marketing, nor is chat marketing going to be successful if it’s being treated in a way that puts it above all other business inboxes.

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Chat marketing is a tool, and thus, chat marketing strategy needs to implement a variety of other marketing tools, platforms, and practices into its function in order to succeed. Because chat marketing is supposed to help businesses remain in touch with their customer base, the tool needs to be used primarily for that purpose. Marketing should not be done via Messenger chatbots only.

Additionally, even with automated services, it’s important to keep your Messenger inbox monitored, and monitored by the right people. Instead of having random employees keep an eye on your Manychat chatbots, entrust the inbox to an employee with a strong digital marketing background. This way, he or she can oversee the processes and ensure that the tool is being utilized to the best of its capabilities.

Solutions To Chat Marketing Issues

Solutions To Chat Marketing Issues Automated Dreams

There are a handful of ways that companies can improve their chat marketing results without having to invest a lot of time in making changes.

For one, it’s important to ensure that your chatbots sound like human employees. There are few things more off-putting than communicating with a bot that sounds like it was developed in 2003, with highly-limited responses, clunky syntax, and other issues that make it very easy for customers to be aware that they’re not talking to a person. Do your best to have your chatbots speak the way a human employee would, and consider the way your target demographic speaks. If your target demographic is big business-type individuals, don’t have your bots speaking in slang, for example.

On top of this, everyone on your marketing team and customer service team needs to be on board with what your company is trying to accomplish with your chat marketing strategy. When the end goal is clearly explained to everyone and each duty is assigned to specific individuals, chat marketing can do a better job at taking on a life of its own and bringing your company the lead conversion you were hoping to achieve when you began planning. Teamwork, even when it comes to the use of automated services, is a key element in any success story.

If you’re a business owner and you’re finding that your chat marketing success is lacking, book a free audit with Automated Dreams. We will take a close look at your business processes to determine areas that can be improved upon.

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