The Future of Insurance Agency Marketing Is Always On

Insurance Agency Marketing

When your customer wakes up in the middle of the night, realizing that her business is underinsured, will your agency be there to help her? With today’s technology, you can be.

We’re talking about omnipresent (always-on) marketing. Personalized, customer-centric, and omnichannel (all channels) marketing that can reach customers and potential customers wherever and whenever they are—it’s now possible.

What Insurance Agency Customers Want: Mobile, Efficient, and Frequent Messaging

What Insurance Agency Customers Want Mobile Efficient and Frequent Messaging Automated Dreams

In fact, when global business services firm EY Global surveyed insurance leaders about how new technological developments might help them solve their most pressing challenges, several responses stand out:

  • Insurance companies' customers want to research and buy their policies online.
  • They prefer to communicate with insurers with mobile devices.
  • They want insurers to communicate with them frequently with personalized, meaningful messages.

However, statistics reveal that insurers have a long way to go in meeting their customers’ explanations.

However statistics reveal that insurers have a long way to go in meeting their customers explanations. Automated Dreams

The same study pointed out an undercurrent of dissatisfaction among brokers and agents, who wanted the kind of technology that would provide them with better customer data and the tools to serve their customers more efficiently.

Always-On Marketing Provides Scalable, Personalized Messaging 24/7

Always On Marketing Provides Scalable Personalized Messaging 24 7 Automated Dreams

Omnichannel, always-on marketing is the solution to insurance customers’ demands. Since the technology to implement this round-the-clock insuretech solution is so scalable and cost-effective, it simply makes good sense to invest in it.

Numbers don’t lie. In today’s customer-centered, always-on market, insurers must adopt the kinds of changes that will satisfy their customers’ wants. Otherwise, their competitors will—and their customers will leave. That’s the last thing your insurance agency needs. What you need is an ongoing conversation with each customer, automated and personalized to reach them with timely messages that focus on their needs.

Chatbots and Integrated Platforms Give Your Agency the Edge

Chatbots and Integrated Platforms Give Your Agency the Edge Automated Dreams

When you pair your legacy database system with leading-edge marketing platforms, you’ll have the right message for the right customer—even at 3:00 in the morning. With AI-powered chatbots and online quotes, you can offer customers immediate availability.

With the wealth of data and insights you get with this synchronization, you can have all the data you need to create a realistic quote. Modern chatbots are so sophisticated that most quotes can happen directly on the app itself. If needed, a connected “Call Now” button can connect your customer with your contact center to answer any questions, explore suitable policies, and lead your customer through the sign-up process.

Today’s customers want informed conversations, not sales spiels. With the rise of insuretech, customers expect an insurer to explain a policy’s benefits, suitability, and exclusions right on their mobile devices, not with an in-person visit with a salesperson.

When you integrate your chatbot with your CRM platform, it can deliver quotes and answer customer service inquiries. These virtual machines can nurture customer relationships by taking care of routine questions 24/7.

These days, customers don’t want shopping for an insurance policy to take precious hours out of their day. They want to identify the policy that meets their needs, purchase it, and pay for it within minutes. Chatbots’ ability to sync with your CRM and other data, along with their blinding speed on both mobile and desktop platforms, makes them the perfect solution for that 3:00 a.m. query.

More than anything, customers want a personalized, transparent approach that considers their needs when suggesting policies. With today’s data-centered approach, such a conversation is possible—even on mobile.

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More Frequent, Meaningful Communications Keep Brand Advocates in Your Corner

More Frequent Meaningful Communications Keep Brand Advocates in Your Corner Automated Dreams

As you can see from the EY data, customers need more frequent communication with their insurers. With 18 months between each touchpoint, it’s no wonder that 38% of once-passionate brand advocates turn to other insurers.

Not only do you lose their business, but you’ll lose their advocacy. They’ll stop sharing on social media. No longer will they recommend your agency to their friends, family, and colleagues.

As a Consumer Affairs article points out, consumers trust each other 70% more than they do brand messages on social media and other platforms. When you lose these brand advocates, 70% of potential customers that they would have referred to you will go to your competitor. Over time, this hemorrhaging can kill your business.

With an omnipresent marketing platform’s ability to pull data from both internal and external sources, you can tailor messages to each customer. Whether it’s remarketing after they’ve left your site or policy recommendations that are an exact fit with their needs, your communication will be on-target and on-brand 24/7.

Insuretech and Synchronized Data Make the Difference in Always-On Marketing

Insuretech and Synchronized Data Make the Difference in Always On Marketing Automated Dreams

As the industry dynamic shifts to meeting consumers’ expectations instead of selling insurance, agencies will need to use data more strategically than ever before. To set itself apart, an agency must serve its customers more efficiently, nurture its ongoing relationship, and provide a level of service that exceeds platforms that allow customers to work directly with carriers.

Whether you use Hawksoft, Applied Epic, or another agency management system (AMS), you need to integrate it with your omnipresent, omnichannel marketing platform. When you sync your AMS data with a marketing platform like Ontraport, you have the perfect tools to keep your brand advocates singing your agency’s praises and bringing new prospects into the fold.

Marketing your agency in this digital age doesn’t have to be an uphill battle. When you synchronize your marketing, CRM, social media, and AMS data with a cutting-edge omnichannel platform, you can scale your agency’s business to compete with fast-growing digital agencies.

Not only will you provide on-the-spot service, but when you integrate your platforms, you can identify customer signals and respond accordingly. With automation, you can take this synchronized system to a whole new level—24/7.

Without ever having to leave your bed to answer a call, you’ll be there to come to the rescue—even at 3:00 in the morning. When you integrate rich communication services (RCS) text messages into your omnichannel system as well, you can keep customers in the loop with the method of communication they overwhelmingly prefer.

Adopt Omnipresent Marketing for Always-On Success

Adopt Omnipresent Marketing for Always On Success Automated Dreams

You can get started now.

First, look at which customer journeys have the most potential for your agency to develop into a personalized, omnichannel approach.

Next, find out how your agency can export data from your AMS and import it into an omnichannel, comprehensive, and always-on marketing platform that never misses a 3:00 a.m. call.

At Automated Dreams, that’s what we do for our insurance agency customers. Book your consultation with our insurance marketing team today. Schedule Free Consultation

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