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It’s the holiday season! That means shopping websites must dazzle their site to attract more visitors and make sales. It includes changing the site banners with the latest offers, uploading high-resolution product images, and providing excellent customer service. Alas, these are a few modifications that every shopping website does. Consequently, the outcomes are of the same wavelength. To leap over the other eCommerce sites, you need to learn some intriguing benefits of online stores and their best practices and implement some quick-witted strategies. As the phrase goes, “Never let them know your next move.” Taking this into consideration, below are some effective strategies you can implement to optimize your shopping website.

1. Use High Impressions and Relevant Keywords

You must incorporate high-impression and relevant keywords into your website content to improve your online store’s performance. The website’s title, headings, body text, product descriptions, and meta tags should all contain these keywords. But why both? The high-impression keywords will boost your chances of attracting organic traffic and leads. On the other hand, relevant keywords will ensure that your site receives qualified target customers. You can use Google’s Keyword Planner tool to obtain comprehensive information on popular and high-impression keywords. Nevertheless, avoid keyword stuffing by limiting the keyword density on a single page to 1%.

2. Improve Your Site’s Performance

As you might already know, customers do not spend excess time on websites unless it addresses their needs. If the picture quality (which is crucial for shopping sites) is poor or the loading time is high, the customers will leave the site. To avoid this situation, you must enhance the site’s performance. This could be done by using JPG picture format over HEIC. Yes, HEIC is a superior format, but the files are a bit large. Compressing these files can affect the picture quality and you don’t want. Therefore, learning how to convert photos from heic to jpg on mac will allow you to use high-quality yet low in size images for your shopping site. It will also boost the site’s loading speed, reducing the bounce rate and improving the search engine ranking.
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3. Try The 10-Seconds Test

This tactic is associated with the one above. After uploading the JPG images to your site, you should try the 10-second test. In short, put yourself in the visitor’s shoes to get the answers to the following questions:
  • Are you staying on the site for more than 10 seconds?
  • Does your site excite you to make a purchase?
If the answers are unsatisfactory, you should look for the issues and revamp the site accordingly.

4. Submit Site Map

Last but not least, not many shopping sites users submit site maps on search engines, namely Google, Yahoo!, And Bing. This boosts the site visibility on the result page and makes it easier for search engines to select the information or webpage to index. Indexed pages imply better ranking and high organic traffic. Needless to say, it is pretty important in the highly competitive eCommerce market, especially during the holiday season.

To Sum It All Up

Optimizing your shopping site accelerates your SEO efforts- improving the site’s visibility and organic traffic. Moreover, when your site looks attractive with high-quality pictures and tempting offers, it will turn the visitors into shoppers. Hence, the revenue during the holiday season will increase.

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