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People are spending more time online than ever before. Have you seen how many hours you spend on your phone a day… yeah it’s startling. The fact is that social media is the perfect place to interact with your audience, engage and build a trusting relationship.

Optimize Social Media account such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram provide ideal platforms to reach out, attract leads, and create a funnel for future actions and sales. Despite the inherent power of these platforms, creating marketing for social media can also be a great way to waste your time and energy.

If you want to make your social media marketing campaigns more effective and efficient, automation is the key.

When talking about social media marketing we mean a combination of content creation, optimization, community engagement, and process automation. These four together all aim to help you attract and convert leads into customers. Plainly, your goal with social media marketing campaigns is to:

  • Find your market
  • Say something interesting
  • Develop relationships that endure over time

Creativity is needed with all of the above. However, without a repeatable process or system to back up every action or campaign, your efforts will be fruitless. Use automation to help you spread the word and manage the processes that define your campaign and ultimately lead to your long-term success.

Benefits of Automation

benefits of marketing automation

Automation allows you to synchronize your message, personalize messages to segmented parts of your market, and ultimately give you the ability to concentrate your energies on the creative and relational aspects of marketing. From the early days of planning your campaign through to its implementation and analysis, the entire life cycle of a social media campaign can be improved with automation. There is automation software that helps with:

  • Content Research
  • Target Market Analysis
  • Campaign and Content Management
  • Creative Posts
  • Community Engagement and Reaction
  • Strategy and Timeline Development
  • Insightful Statistics and Analysis

Let's go through some of the key aspects of the social media marketing process in more detail.

Campaign and Content Management

Hootsuite campaign management

Automation tools can help you plan your social media campaigns more effectively. While a strong social presence is a good goal, keeping up with multiple platforms, profiles, and product updates can also be a major chore. Social media marketing tools, like Hootsuite, take the time allocation out of this process, with one single application that has the ability to manage multiple platforms and profiles. This means you will have your content centralized and can easily post from one screen. No more lost logins to the 8 profiles you manage.

Social Media Marketing Tools’ calendaring systems help you manage your campaign from a birds-eye view. Know what days and times are best to post to Linkedin vs. Facebook and make sure you are spreading out your posting effectively through the month.

Use the team access feature to give user-based permissions to the different team members on your team as well. Meaning you can have your design upload the images, content writers create the content, and have them sent to you to review before they are released into the Social Media wild.

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Beyond Hootsuite, Buffer and AgoraPulse are two other popular campaign and content management tools we recommend.

Community Engagement and Reaction

ManyChat management tools

Successful social media marketing is not just about content schedules and synchronized posts, it's also about creating conversations. Tools like AgoraPulse and ManyChat include conversation management tools that allow you to respond to comments and messages across platforms and profiles. It is important to respond to these in a timely manner, otherwise, you may lose clients or leads that become frustrated and feel unheard. For example, say you have created a post with a call to action using a social media marketing tool. Many of these tools also have an ‘inbox’ where you can see all responses, comments, and direct messages in one. If questions need to be routed to a specific person you can assign conversations and alert your internal team with email notifications so that messages don’t go unanswered.

ManyChat directly connects with your Profile’s Facebook Messenger. Those companies relying heavily on Facebook Groups and Ads for Leads should consider this option. It allows you to set robot responses and will integrate with your marketing automation platforms like ActiveCampaign and Ontraport.

It is important to not miss this step. When we are creating a relationship with our clients, remember it is a two-way street, and active involvement in your community is an important part of success. Creating this type of ongoing conversation with your audience is incredibly powerful, especially when it stretches across timelines and between applications.

Automation and Analysis

marketing automation analytics

When we talk about automation you may think that is the email flow that comes later. Although this is true, process automation is capable of improving workflows and functions across all aspects of your business. Social Media Marketing is no different.

You can automate the responses to comments and messages, have them routed via logic, integrate lead forms, and connect your software to a targeted email flow behind it. Internally you can automate the task process of launching new content so that your social media never goes dark. It truly makes marketing on social media way easier than it seems.

And to top it off, you can optimize your automation and posts based on the analysis that many social media marketing tools provide. Tools will provide statistics on the time of post and time of engagement, best-performing graphics and copy and even advise you on what trending searches are the best performing.

Platforms such as AgoraPulse, Buffer, Hootsuite, Crowdfire, and ManyChat are able to track followers, segment markets, measure engagement rates, and produce accurate reports.

Need help creating a social media campaign strategy that integrates with your Marketing Automation Platform or CRM?

The expert team at Automated Dreams can help you plan out the full funnel for your next social media campaign. We’ll collaboratively work on automation, integrations, and process flows that will make your next launch go off without a hitch.

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