Is Chat Marketing Worth a Try?

Chat Marketing

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Any business that has even a small online presence has heard about chat marketing, but if it’s not already being utilized, business owners might not be certain as to what chat marketing encompasses.

To make it simple, chat marketing is a method of building and improving the relationship between companies and their customers through the use of automated services, like chatbots. By implementing automation and chat programs as part of your company’s must-have tech and marketing tools, you'll stay connected and engaged with your audience no matter the time or the platform.

Chat marketing is a brilliant way for companies of all sizes to not only keep their current customer base engaged and involved but to also continuously convert leads into new customers.

Why Businesses are Trying and Using Chat Marketing

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Businesses from all sorts of industries are trying and using chat marketing for a variety of reasons. For one, chatbots and chat marketing are highly compatible with social media and can easily improve a company’s social media presence. Companies enjoy the convenience of being able to engage with and educate their audiences on several platforms without encountering many setbacks.

In addition to all of the different ways that chat marketing helps businesses improve their marketing strategies, helpful data and analytical reports are recorded and monitored. This way, business owners are able to determine exactly how well their marketing techniques are working, which platforms are showing the most promise, and which tactics need improvements. Chat marketing analytics is one of the most helpful business tools available when it comes to calculating the success of a strategy or campaign.

Properly utilizing chatbots has helped companies interact more personally with their audience. With the creation of friendly, human-like chatbots, companies can be available 24 hours a day. This means that not only will customers feel that they are valuable to the company, but the company will also reap the benefits of a happy customer base.

Benefits of Chat Marketing

Using chat marketing strategies or chatbots with Facebook Messenger and Manychat can introduce several benefits to a growing company. Utilizing chatbots saves both time and money. Instead of having to assign a valuable employee to the task of fielding frequently asked customer questions or providing basic customer service, a chatbot can easily fill the role and allow the employee to invest their efforts into more worthwhile practices. With the use of a chatbot, several customers can be helped at a time, and there is no need to pay several employees to complete the tasks a single Facebook Messenger bot can complete.

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When designed and implemented correctly, chatbots can act as additional employees that can pick up all the slack left behind by a thinly-stretched workforce. For example, chatbots can help improve the results of various marketing campaigns by reaching out and interacting with potential and established customers on a personal basis. They can help make your customer base aware of new promotions, deals, and released products or services.

By spreading marketing awareness in this way, chatbots can also help a company improve its sales. When interacting with customers personally, a chatbot can take the time to walk customers through each step of the sales funnel, and convert potential customers into loyal customers. To add to this benefit, using a chatbot instead of sending nurturing emails can most definitely improve a company’s open rates, CTR, and conversion rates.

Perhaps the greatest benefit of using chatbots through Facebook Messenger and Manychat is the fact that it’s an incredibly easy process. With no programming skills at all, businesses can invest in customizable, yet fully prepared chatbots and have them interacting with customers in less than a single day.

Is Chat Marketing Worth a Try?

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If you’re a business owner and you’d like to monitor and improve upon your marketing strategies, then you’ll likely see a lot of benefits in investing in chat marketing techniques. Not only will chat marketing help your company stay on top of the challenges associated with your social media presence, but it can help improve the company’s payroll budgets and simultaneously free employees so that they can work on more rewarding tasks.

Again, chatbots do not require extensive programming experience to create and utilize. They include a wide variety of features and analytical tools that will allow your company to perfect the way that they initiate marketing strategies through an array of different mediums.

If you’re interested in taking advantage of the benefits of ManyChat integration, schedule a discovery call to consult with one of our three ManyChat experts. Through collaboration, we can help you get your aims and boost your sales.

For more help with system integration, be sure to reach out to us at Automated Dreams today.

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