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In this post, we will delve into what ManyChat is, how it’s revolutionizing marketing communication, keeping your brand on 24/7, and how to integrate it into the rest of what your business is doing.

Having a business that is fully integrated with all of its moving pieces is a precursor for healthy growth, and scalability, and saves an insurmountable amount of time spent on unnecessary manual tasks. That’s of course if you integrate right! With tools like Zapier and APIs (if you’re advanced with web development), you can integrate ManyChat with 1,400+ apps with Zapier alone.

What Is ManyChat?

ManyChat is a visual bot builder for Facebook Messenger. The bot can have a conversation with customers on Facebook Messenger.

With ManyChat, you can build Facebook Messenger bots to help you with a variety of functions likes sales, marketing, and customer support.

Integrating ManyChat

Messenger marketing allows businesses to engage customers where they are. It enables a business to leverage mobile, chat platforms to facilitate two-way conversations and commerce with their audience.

Messaging apps have even surpassed the usage of any other app. According to the Economist, “over 2.5 billion people have at least one messaging app installed with that number expected to rise to over 2.6 billion shortly.”

ManyChat Use Cases: How It Can Help Your Business

Integrating ManyChat

Send Messages to Subscribers

Facebook Messenger has high open rates versus traditional email marketing. In fact, an experiment run by a marketing automation platform found that the open rates for campaigns average 80%.

With ManyChat you can automate the sending of Facebook Messenger messages with promotions, events, and more. Depending on how subscribers respond, you could set up additional triggers to resend messages or send a new message, allowing for optimal engagement.

Capture & Nurture New Qualified Leads

If you are using Facebook Ads to attract new customers, use ManyChat to help the connection grow. If someone clicks on your Facebook Ad, you can then start a conversation with them through Messenger, asking them if they’d like to read a content download or promotion in exchange for an email address. It’s a frictionless experience for the new prospect, and you have a new lead.

With Zapier, you can also connect your CRM or email systems, such as MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, or Ontraport, to this workflow. The new lead’s information is fed right back into the CRM with no manual effort.

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Integrating ManyChat

At Automated Dreams, we are Certified Experts in both Zapier and ManyChat.

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Event reminders

Whether you are hosting a webinar or an in-person event, it’s a good idea to keep attendees updated. Use your ManyChat bot to communicate with them with reminders about the when and where. You could also send them additional documents like an agenda for the event. With this approach to communication, you aren’t overwhelming their Inbox, plus, if they have questions, you can answer them via Messenger.

Notify Your Sales Team in Real-Time

With a Zapier integration, you can take the conversation with a prospect from Messenger and move it to a customer or sales platform, such as Salesforce or Zendesk. Even when you move it, the history of the conversation is still available, so the sales team doesn’t lose any pertinent information or context. Then based on conversation, you’ll be able to determine when a prospect is qualified, tapping your sales staff to make the next move. Alternatively, ManyChat has a "Live Chat" functionality for employees to enter the conversation.

How Does Zapier Allow You to Integrate ManyChat with Other Applications?

By using Zapier, you’ll be able to set up triggers and actions, which cause your ManyChat messenger to respond automatically. It’s easy to get started.

Simply create a Zapier account as well as a ManyChat Pro account. Then you’ll select “Make a Zap” after you choose the app to integrate like Facebook.

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ManyChat can respond with seven actions:

  • Subscribe user to sequence
  • Add a tag to the user
  • Set custom field
  • Send content user
  • Send text message to user
  • Unsubscribe user from sequence
  • Remove tag from user

And five triggers are supported:

  • New or updated custom field
  • New tagged user
  • Chat Opened
  • New subscriber
  • New “trigger a Zap” event

With the ability to do all these things by connecting ManyChat to your tech stack on Zapier, you can create a custom workflow for automation, increasing its efficiency.

Ready to get started with Zapier and ManyChat? It could boost your productivity and help you close deals faster. Start by browsing the many ManyChat integrations available here.

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