How to Turn Your Blogs into Video Content

Turn Your Blogs into Video Content

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Blogging is not a dead art; in fact, it has evolved quite a bit from what it once was. Many bloggers have successfully transitioned to different media platforms to get the most out of their content. Specifically, video marketing has proven to be one of the most useful formats as of late, so bloggers are developing their posts into informative videos so that audiences can absorb their content in a quick, concise manner. If you want to increase your blog’s traffic, turn your content into videos.

Why Should You?

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While blog posts are ideal for certain audiences, others do not have the time to sit down and read through scores of information, no matter how useful they may be. Reads appreciate when you adapt to their needs, much like the way that professional speakers tend to host podcasts that their customers can listen to at their leisure. Instead of expecting them to scroll through walls of text, these speakers transfer the information to an easy format that can be listened to at any time.

Creating videos from your content satisfies the same purpose. Your readers will appreciate having a quick, concise video that wraps up all of the information you’re presenting in only a few minutes. Plus, visuals work. According to studies, business owners that use video marketing typically receive 41% more traffic to their websites from search results than those who use text-only marketing.

Choosing a Video Style

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There are several different options you can choose regarding style and format. You can sit or stand in front of your camera, preferably against a visually appealing background, and talk about the information covered in your post. In this format, it’s a good idea to avoid reading your blog post verbatim. Instead, create a loose script in a word document that outlines the information you want to cover. While it’s okay to stick to your blog post’s wordage for certain sections of your video, it’s good to add variation and personality to your videos. This way, talking about your content will not sound like reading a book report.

If you don’t like the idea of being on camera, there are ways around it. Posting infographics, text captions, or short animations can be a good way to produce visuals when you’re discussing your topic. Try to keep the same theme or style when producing visual content so that transitions between slides do not come off as jarring to the viewer.

It’s important to note that in either video format you choose, there should be audio. Avoid creating a video that displays your blog post in several slides with no other audio support. Without narration, there is not a lot of difference between blog posts and videos is that the viewer will still have to read the content in its entirety.

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How to Make It Easy

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It might sound like a daunting task to create video content from what was once a simple blog post, but with the right tools, it’s relatively easy.

For example, almost all smartphones come with a video recording feature, though if your phone records in poor video quality, you might want to invest in a webcam and shoot your video from your computer. There is an array of different webcams on the market that are specifically designed for online video creation. Choose one that fits your budget and set up an area to record that is well-lit and free of background noise.

Creating a Script

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Again, while you shouldn’t read your blog post word for word, it’s good to use it as a template to ensure that you’re going to cover all the topics you have planned. To do this, copy your blog post into a word document or download one of the many free storyboarding programs available online. On either program, you can arrange your content into points, much like you did when you wrote the original post.

From here, you can use the topics you plan to cover to create a storyboard or flow plan that organizes your points in a couple of sentences for each block of text (if you’re using a word processor, most come with the option to insert text boxes). Experiment with the different blocks of text by rearranging them to determine which combination flows most cohesively.

Sound & Video Quality

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Editing your recording and testing sound quality are perhaps the most complicated parts of creating a video for online sharing. Fortunately, there are plenty of free or low-cost video and audio editing software programs available today. Whether you use Windows or Mac, there are programs you can teach yourself to use.

As for programs that are unique to audio production and editing, many people who produce online videos for a living recommend Audacity, but there are several other choices available as well. Some of these programs require a bit of experimentation to master, but learning how to produce high-quality videos will be worth the time invested.

Once you have created a video file and you’re confident in its quality, you’ll need to choose a platform to upload it to. The most popular is YouTube, which allows users to upload video content as well as embed it into other web pages, including the original blog post. Additionally, linking back to the post from your video stands to increase traffic to your blog site.

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