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No matter what’s happening in the world, businesses must always be ready to adapt to their customers’ needs. In all industries, the most successful companies are well-prepared to face just about any challenge. As such, they are constantly developing new ways to market their products and services to current customers and potential customers. Smart business owners value marketing data and utilize analytics to determine where their marketing efforts are best invested.

While online marketing is currently leading companies in a positive direction, there is one specific key to online marketing that stands above all the others. That key is messenger marketing.

What is Messenger Marketing?

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The name says it all. Businesses employ messenger marketing by using chat or messenger applications to advertise their products or services, connect with prospective customers, and remain in contact with established customer bases. Through messenger marketing, a business owner is able to take the convenient contact speed of apps like Facebook Messenger, WeChat, WhatsApp, and Skype and use it to their company’s advantage.

Communication methods are always evolving. As they do, people find it quicker and more convenient to receive information through short, real-time messages rather than through long emails. Even in comparison with social networking platforms and the relative quickness of delivery utilized on their pages, messenger apps have surpassed them in terms of active users each month with between 500 and 1000 more users reaping the benefits of instant messaging over slower social media messaging capabilities.

Why is Messenger Marketing Important?

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For businesses, instant messaging applications present a unique opportunity. For one, marketing through a messenger application tends to have significantly higher open and click-through rates than email messages, at between 15-60%. Because messaging customers through an instant messaging app comes with a sense of real-time interaction the messages are more likely to be opened and read when the customer receives the notification.

When it comes to email marketing, customers do not feel a sense of urgency to open or respond to emails, which is why much of the time email marketing blasts are not opened at all. Customers easily put email messages on the back burner and either open them when they get around to it or not at all.

Additionally, with messenger marketing, business owners can utilize chatbots to communicate with their customers, due to the simple, short nature of the messages sent. With email, messages can certainly be sent to a large number of customers, but the sense of interaction is not present, and longer emails cannot be expertly crafted by chatbots. Because bots specialize in short messages and responses, they’re not ideal for composing long, organized emails.

Analyze Your Statistics

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Marketing is ever-changing; because of this, you cannot expect to cling to the same approach forever. Businesses must constantly grow their strategies to perform better than their competition, at least if they want to continue to draw in new customers and maintain a loyal customer base.

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This is why it’s highly important to analyze your marketing statistics. By studying the reception of your marketing strategies, you can determine which approaches work best, which could perform better with a bit of reinforcement, and which strategies need to be exchanged for those who stand to perform better.

By monitoring your marketing analytics, you can keep track of the growth of your subscriber list (and attribute sudden spikes to certain marketing tactics), monitor and improve your open and click-through rates while you adjust your strategy, and perhaps most importantly, calculate your messenger marketing ROI so that you’re able to determine which methods are worth your investment and which aren’t.

Email ROI vs Messenger ROI

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In today’s competitive business environment, it’s important to engage in marketing strategies that are going to reach as many qualified leads as possible so that you can keep your company moving in a positive direction. Because successful marketing is one of the most important factors in business growth, it’s in your best interest to drive your strategy forward by utilizing the best tools in your arsenal.

Studies show that the ROI on messenger marketing is between 3-5 times higher than what businesses can expect their email marketing ROI to be. Messenger marketing takes all of the good features associated with email marketing and compounds them by improving the quality of interaction and the time invested in customer engagement.

Messenger marketing can send a large number of people your messages, just like email marketing can, but using a messenger service makes it much easier for your customers to interact with your brand in an organic manner. Rather than clicking the links in an email, customers can respond to sophisticated chatbots, ask questions, and receive information that’s relevant to them.

If you’d like to give it a try and calculate ROI for your business, it’s simple with our straightforward, easy-to-use ROI calculation tool. Get a clearer idea of which marketing strategies work best for you and take advantage of the benefits that messenger marketing has to offer your company.

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