How Does Teamwork Projects Stack Up Against the Competition?

Teamwork Projects

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Benefits of Teamwork Projects in the Age of Collaboration

Benefits of Teamwork Projects in the Age of Collaboration Automated Dreams

In a modern world influenced by time constraints and increased complexity, the ability to work together is what defines successful organizations. Teamwork Projects is a powerful cloud-based collaboration tool that attempts to bring clarity back to project management. Based on people and performance, Teamwork Projects takes care of the details so you can focus on the bigger picture.

With unprecedented access to information and resources, collaboration and coordination are more important than ever. Teamwork Projects provides fast and reliable software tools for all aspects of project management, from initial strategic decisions and preparation to communication, delivery, and feedback. With everything you need in one package, Projects is designed to enhance business functionality and improve performance.

Key Features of Teamwork Projects

Key Features of Teamwork Projects Automated Dreams

Teamwork Projects offers integration with many of the tools you know and love, including Hubspot, Microsoft Office, and Google Drive. This package has been designed to work throughout the project life-cycle, with different tools available based on your specific needs. A Portfolio and Board View are both available, helping you to visualize important tasks and remove roadblocks before they create additional problems.

Key planning tools include Gantt Charts, Tasks and Subtasks, Milestones, Project Owner assignments, and a detailed Timer app and Calendar. Along with creating a clear top-down view for project management, Projects is dedicated to data integration and collaboration for all members of the team. Key communication tools include Permissions, Privacy, Messages, and Followers.

At the end of the day, a project is only successful when it delivers results. Teamwork Projects help organizations to filter information, organize tasks, and manage risks effectively in order to enhance outcomes. Billing and reporting are integrated into the software, including project updates, workload management, and access to a personalized dashboard.

Projects vs Asana vs Jira

Projects vs Asana vs Jira Automated Dreams

Teamwork Projects is not the only project management software in the game, with Asana and Jira providing the biggest competition. Asana does offer unique features not available to Projects or Jira, such as Budget Management and Customizable Templates. However, it is also more expensive and frequently rated lower by customers in terms of customer support. Unlike Teamwork Projects, Asana does not offer access to a 24/7 live customer support representative.

Jira is also more expensive than Projects, and also lacks key features such as a Client Portal, Cost-to-Completion Tracking, Idea Management, and Time & Expense Tracking. While Jira does offer an online 24/7 customer rep, there is no telephone support during business hours like that offered by Projects. Jira is typically rated lower than Teamwork Projects for both ease of use and customer support.

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Teamwork Projects is unique as the only 100% cloud-based service. While there are no installed versions available for Windows or Mac computers, mobile support is available natively for both iOS and Android devices. Teamwork Projects pricing starts at just $9.00 per month, per user. This is more affordable than Asana or Jira, with a limited free version and a free trial also available.

Projects is the preferred choice across industry sectors and continents, thanks to its widespread acceptance in the business community and seamless integration with other Teamwork products. Along with Projects, Teamwork also provides Desk, Chat, Spaces, and CRM software solutions. Cloud-based applications are fast becoming the new standard, with multiple software tools under one banner providing the most cost-effective and efficient means of cloud migration.

Automated Dreams is Proud to Be a Teamwork Enablement Partner

Automated Dreams is Proud to Be a Teamwork Enablement Partner Automated Dreams

Our company runs on the Teamwork Product Suite, which includes Projects, Desk, Chat, and Spaces. By combining multiple Teamwork products, we benefit from tighter integration, enhanced data security, and improved performance outcomes across all areas of our operation.

By using Projects as our chief project management software, and combining it with the advanced functionality of other Teamwork products, we can help you break down barriers, scale workflows, and achieve better results with less effort. We have vast experience with Projects and other Teamwork applications and use this knowledge daily to enhance our own business and give our clients an edge over the competition.

As a Teamwork Enablement partner, Automated Dreams benefits greatly from Projects while helping others to thrive and grow in today's competitive marketplace. Our comprehensive range of Teamwork services provides innovative, thoughtful, and automated marketing solutions for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

We love helping companies re-evaluate their existing systems in order to achieve better outcomes. By removing bottlenecks and developing scalable processes and services, we can help you to refine, automate, and improve key business functions. It doesn't matter where you are on the learning curve, we can help you to implement new Teamwork solutions or integrate your existing software products more effectively.

If you want to take advantage of increased collaboration and promote better teamwork among your staff, please schedule a free consultation.

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