Here’s What’s New in Teamwork Projects: Workload, Portfolio Boards and Projects Chart

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The Teamwork platform is the main project management system utilized by Automated Dreams throughout the company’s task performance. While it’s been a fantastic tool thus far, updates and improvements have taken place recently, and we would like to share information regarding the new Teamwork features that will help make organizing and completing projects in a timely manner so much easier than ever before.

Take a look at the new Teamwork features, discover how they work, and how they can improve any company’s productivity and communication capabilities. The sky is the limit when it comes to technological advancements and even though these new features are fantastic, they’re likely to continue becoming bigger and better as time passes.



Teamwork’s Workload section makes it easy to compare individual user workloads to user capacities. Managers can simply look through a master list of all users or take advantage of the many filtering options to narrow the view down to one user.

From the Workload section, users can see which assignments are active and what the progress is on them. Tasks can also be assigned by dragging them over to user profiles or unassigned by dragging the assignment from the user to the Unassign option.

In an effort to make project management a little easier to track, the Capacity Management View can keep track of how much work an individual user can take, as well as display current tasks in the user’s estimated workload.

Users can see a breakdown of tasks listed in the Workload view, and using start and end dates helps make it to where only the desired tasks are being shown.

It’s important to remember that in order for a task to show up in the Workload view, the task must have either the start date and/or end date within the selected time setting. Also, tasks marked as “active” with no start or end date can be included in the search by selecting certain filtering options.

Portfolio Boards

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Now on the Teamwork platform, project administrators can add projects to columns in their Portfolio boards, which are available on the (per-user) Premium plan and some Legacy plans as well.

In the planning area of a user’s website, a project administrator can add projects to specific columns by selecting the tabs mentioned on the tutorial page. Projects can be dragged and dropped from the Backlog area to the appropriate column, and to save time, several projects can be moved at a time.

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In addition, projects can be added to several Portfolio boards.

Projects can be removed from columns as well, and to do so, a user simply needs to drag the project back to the Backlog section. While dragging, the option to remove the project from the board can be selected from the top of the screen.

On top of adding and removing projects from Portfolio boards, there are also several management options available in the overview area where projects are stored.

Projects Chart

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In addition to other new features, the Teamwork platform now allows users to view project charts that highlight milestones along the project’s progression. 

To access this feature, site administrators need to go to the Planning area of their site and select the Chart tab. Adding start and end dates to the filtering options will ensure that the results include the correct timeframe for the project at hand.

The chart will be organized by color based on the project’s status at a given time. Red shows that certain tasks within the project are overdue. Green is used for projects that have been completed. Blue is for ongoing projects that have not yet reached their due date.

Additionally, milestone markers are also color-coded: green (complete), red (late), and orange (upcoming). Hovering over these color-coded milestones will display more helpful information about the project

While staying on the project chart page, menus can be accessed and project changes can be made without having to navigate away from the chart. For convenience, the project charts are printer-friendly.

Teamwork Projects is a fantastic project management system for companies big and small. There’s something for everyone when it comes to carefully organizing tasks, monitoring employee workloads, and improving company productivity.

If you’re interested in taking advantage of automating your business and systems integration, schedule a discovery call to consult with one of our experts and specialists. Through collaboration, we can help you get your aims and boost your sales.

For more help with system integration, be sure to reach out to us at Automated Dreams today.

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