11 Marketing Automation Features You Should Use

marketing automation features

Marketing automation services do not begin and end with chatbots and email blasts. The features included in different automation tools can vary significantly from program to program. In this way, there is something available to serve every business that’s in need of better time management, expense savings, sales increases, smarter conversions, and more.

You may be thinking you’ve used all capabilities in your platform, but chances are you haven’t, seriously there’s a lot. Take a look at 11 of the main features that marketing automation platforms can provide and how they can improve your business and marketing activities.

Marketing Automation Feature List

Track Content: By using automated marketing tools, you can carefully track, organize,  and analyze content performance. Keeping content organized in an automated platform can allow quick, simple insights as to how well the content is performing. This way, businesses can easily determine what is working and what isn’t.

Track Prospects: Automated marketing platforms can keep track of traffic and analyze the way that individuals (and targeted demographic groups) move through your marketing funnel. With these insights, marketing teams can be ready to act as soon as a prospect triggers certain conversion actions, whether that be automated or manual.

Host Content: Business owners can upload, publish, and categorize content in one easily-organized platform. This way, owners and marketing teams can have a bird's-eye view of each piece of the marketing puzzle. Analyzing the way sites, pages, and pieces of media are performing is much easier to do without having to toggle back and forth from one host to another.

Automate Leads: Lead management is one of the most complicated tasks that marketing teams have to deal with, but with automated tools, leads can easily be recorded. You can set multiple efforts for different audiences and have them run through personalized campaigns.

Categorize Leads: In addition to lead storage, marketing automation tools can help businesses make it easy to categorize leads based on their readiness to convert into a customer or clients. Based on lead actions and qualifications, businesses can create more targeted campaigns and create their next campaign easily.

Nurture Leads: In order to effectively nurture new leads, marketing teams need to be aware of where exactly the leads are in the conversion pipeline. With automated tools, marketing teams can organize lead groups and nurture leads accordingly based not only on the lead source but actions taken and lead warmth.

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Build Landing Pages: Marketing automation not only makes it easy to build and host landing pages on websites, but thanks to the built-in analytical tools, business owners can gauge the successes of their landing pages. You have both in one software and can easily connect it to your automation.

Email Marketing: What is probably most popularly known in automation, email marketing automation can help marketing teams target several demographics at scale.  A one-time set-up can allow you to send hundreds of contacts a personalized email with content that is merged specifically for the contact’s interest.

Integrations: Many marketing automation tools can be integrated with other tools. This means that data entry does not have to be repeated when it comes to integrated programs. A single program that’s integration-friendly can share contact with an array of other programs so that marketing teams do not have to spend a lot of time handling repetitive data entry tasks.

AI: Chatbots can perform the work of an entire department of human employees when it comes to customer interaction. Thanks to advances in artificial intelligence, chatbots are more capable than ever before of carrying on a human-like conversation with customers, even after hours.

Social Media Management: 83% of marketing teams have seen great promise in automation tools for social media management. From a customer relations POV, social media automation can make a world of difference in audience engagement, and the development of brand trust. Automating content on social media platforms can ensure that brand awareness is even across the board.

There’s something to be gained for every business that chooses marketing automation. However, many companies only scratch the surface with their bright and shiny tools. We think about it as all the apps you don't use on your iPhone. If you’re just getting started or already have many automation built, use this list to see where your business can benefit.

See any features above that you think your business will benefit from but don’t know where to start?

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