Email vs. Messenger — Hint: the Real Winner is Both

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Email vs. Messenger

Online marketing offers many benefits that didn’t exist decades ago. Back then, most businesses advertised via the newspaper, radio, or TV. Fortunately, things have changed. Businesses can now target their marketing messages to fit customer interests and in the process entice prospective buyers without having to expend employee labor.

Though there are a variety of different marketing approaches available, many companies are still struggling to answer the question: “Which is better, email marketing or Messenger marketing?”

There are strengths and weaknesses associated with both email and Messenger marketing, so it’s crucial to carefully examine the benefits and drawbacks that using (or neglecting to use) each communication medium can present for your company.

Many owners feel compelled to choose just one of these methods and stick with it, which might work in some cases. For example, companies that prefer delivering their marketing messages in a “short and sweet” format might opt for Messenger.

On the other hand, companies that aim to include a lot of information in less frequent messages prefer reaching out via email. While both of these preferences are good reasons to utilize Messenger and email marketing, companies might find that they’re doing their businesses a disservice by choosing only one method of communication.

By examining the pros and cons of different marketing mediums, you can get a better idea as to where your company may be struggling and which method of communication could potentially improve your conversions.

Email Marketing Strengths

Email Marketing Strengths Automated Dreams

While email messages are not opened as frequently as Messenger marketing messages, that does not mean that email marketing is without its clear advantages. You just need to know your target audience and what your overall marketing goals are.

In fact, when it comes to nurturing new leads, email performs incredibly well. Though chatbots are great to use when your customers are browsing your website, email marketing can help keep your prospects interested after they’ve navigated away.

For example, if you have had customers sign up for trial memberships to a product or tool that you have available, it’s a good idea to send out a lead-nurturing message via email. This way, you can welcome your lead, offer them tips on how to use their trial membership, and talk about the features available if the customer decides to extend their membership.

Email also offers a sense of permanence. If you have newsletters, receipts, confirmations, and new features available, the best way to let your customers know is through email. This way, they can save the message after reading it in case they ever need to revisit the information you’re offering.

Email Marketing Weaknesses

Email Marketing Weaknesses Automated Dreams

While email is great for messages that have a little more depth than what can be covered in a simple Messenger marketing notification, open and click-through rates for emails are significantly lower than those of Messenger marketing.

Business owners, as a result, often find themselves constantly trying to develop more engaging emails in the hopes it will increase email open rates and click-through rates will improve organically.

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Fortunately, there are a couple of ways to improve a weak email marketing campaign. For one, try segmenting your mailing lists so that your customers are receiving emails that are more targeted toward their interests. They will appreciate fewer attempts to reach out if the messages that are delivered to their inboxes appeal to them personally.

Additionally, sending email marketing blasts might yield better open and click-through results if emails are sent at times when recipients are more likely to be in the mood to read. Middle of the week lunch hour messages tends to be read more often when compared to messages sent on Friday and Saturday night.

Messenger Marketing Strengths

Messenger Marketing Strengths Automated Dreams

Typically, marketing through Messenger tends to result in much higher open and click-through rates than messages sent through email. Click-through rates (CTR) for marketing messages fall between 15% for the low and 60% for the high, while standard click-through rates for emails stay at roughly 4%.

Quick, easy-to-digest messages offer individual customers a personalized approach as well. Being that chatbots created through ManyChat are designed to behave like humans, customers are more inclined to interact when messages appeal to them socially, without introducing the burden of sitting down to read a long email message.

The content is delivered in quick, simple snippets that allow customers to view and take advantage of deals and promotions without having to sacrifice their time.

Messenger Marketing Weaknesses

Messenger Marketing Weaknesses Automated Dreams

When it comes to the weaknesses of Messenger marketing, there are not many to consider, but the ones that exist are important.

Messenger marketing only really appeals to people who use social media, namely Facebook. Though there are millions of users active every day, there are still plenty of people who don’t have a Facebook account or any other social media for that matter.

Fortunately, almost everybody has an email address. Everyone that habitually uses the internet has to have some way of receiving messages, and email is the go-to communication hub for many users. For users who don’t have social media accounts, you’re almost certainly going to be able to reach out to them through email.

Additionally, while Messenger offers users a more personalized experience, companies may not be able to develop their individual brand voice as creatively as they might hope. Email, much like printed stationery, allows companies to display banners, signatures, pictures, and more.

Because Messenger is essentially one brand reaching out through the use of another brand, Messenger marketing doesn’t offer companies the opportunity to stand out as individuals through the look and feel of their messages.

Bottomline: A Mixed Media Marketing Strategy is Ideal

Bottomline A Mixed Media Marketing Strategy is Ideal Automated Dreams

Because both methods of communication have distinct pros and cons, you might be wondering which of the two you should use to advertise your business. The easy answer is BOTH. Don’t abandon either method, as both options offer substantial benefits that can be combined into a powerful marketing system.

If you’re searching for useful ways to integrate your Messenger marketing and email marketing strategies, we at Automated Dreams are happy to help.

We specialize in online marketing tactics, and we’ve got you covered as soon as you take it upon yourself to reach out. We can’t wait to hear from you.

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