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Business owners using Facebook to expand their company’s reach is not new, but the tools now available and the features that they offer have developed significantly over the years. For example, combining the use of Facebook Live and Facebook Messenger is not only helping companies reach a wider audience, but this combination also makes it much easier for customers to make quick purchases directly from the Messenger app.

Best of all, integrating the two is relatively straightforward. Because both Messenger and Live features are Facebook-centric, combining the two into a working team of tools can quickly drive sales to your business, and you don’t even have to invest in any costly or invasive third-party resources.

Facebook Live Can Make a World of Difference


Part of what makes Facebook Live such a useful tool is that it offers a quick way to reach out to your audience. Creating a Live video doesn’t require hours of editing in order to come up with a video that piques the interest of your customer base. It’s as simple as knowing what you’d like to say, speaking in front of your phone or webcam, and posting new content.

The Facebook algorithm is on your side when it comes to getting better engagement from Live videos than what you can expect with uploaded videos or photo posts.

On average, Facebook Live videos receive three times the views that pre-recorded videos do, and Live videos receive up to 135% more organic views than photos.

Combining Facebook Live and Facebook Messenger


By creating a video using Facebook Live, you can quickly and easily announce to your customers that you’ve got new products available, a promotion coming up, or a sale underway. Without investing copious amounts of time or money, you can reach a wide array of people and incentivize them to engage with your Messenger bot.

By automating a chatbot using your ManyChat dashboard, you can direct your audience from your Live video over to your Messenger bot. By instructing your viewers where to direct their interests, you can create a simple system to drive more sales to your business.

For starters, you can use the Comment Growth Tool in your ManyChat to include a certain keyword in your Live video that your audience can type into the comments bar or directly into the Messenger application. Though it’s more convenient for shoppers to type a keyword into the comments section than it is to open a Messenger window, either option will populate a chatbot that provides further instructions to prospective shoppers.

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The chatbot can link directly to the item that the buyer is interested in, the sale they’re trying to take advantage of, or the promotional deal they’re following.

In addition to these conveniences, business owners can set up their ManyChat account features in a way that allows customers to check out directly from the Messenger application. By integrating PayPal or Stripe checkouts, you can accept payments for purchases and gather the necessary information from your buyers (shipping addresses and the like) without ever having them navigate to another site.

It’s easy, convenient, and reduces the risk of losing your customers between their point of interest and the checkout location. Facebook Live and Facebook Messenger, when used in tandem, can drive sales to your store as well as making the buying experience as easy as possible for your customers.

A Simple Example


To illustrate how easy it is to employ a chatbot (and how convincingly human the response system is), Automated Dreams created a designated chatbot for our upcoming webinar with Content Cucumber that covers how business owners can take sales directly from Facebook Live into their $1 blog posts.

To interact with the chatbot, all users need to do is key in a comment that includes a predetermined keyword and the Messenger bot will populate automatically to provide further instructions.

Facebook has become a powerhouse when it comes to business owners taking full advantage of the different selling tools available to them. Because the platform’s algorithm encourages the utilization of Facebook-specific tools, working with the different features offered by the social media giant itself can make your reach and customer engagement grow with very little effort on your part.

Facebook rewards users who put the included tools to their best use, so by creating Facebook Live videos, the platform will push your content higher up on the newsfeed than it would if you were uploading a pre-recorded video.

Finally, because Facebook Live and Facebook Messenger are tools presented by the platform itself, they’re easy to integrate into a working system. Using them as two parts of a single system will help retain your prospective customers’ interests from the beginning of their viewing experience to well beyond the point where they’ve checked out with brand-new products to try.

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