Avoid These Marketing Mistakes Insurance Agencies Commonly Make

Marketing Mistakes

The Impact of Marketing Mistakes

Developing a working marketing strategy is sometimes easier said than done, especially when it comes to thriving in a competitive industry. Insurance agencies are under significant pressure to outperform other companies and continuously convert leads into customers.

Failing to attract customers with a well-developed marketing strategy can cause a myriad of business-related issues, from low to no ROI to significant waste of time and money. Additionally, when companies are pouring time and money into strategies that are not working, the company is also wasting agency resources that would otherwise perform much better in different circumstances.

Common Insurance Marketing Mistakes

When offering a service to the public, it’s important to stay within certain lines as you approach a sale. Being too lackluster in your sales approach can definitely lead to losing leads, but pushy tactics can yield the same result. Prospective customers do not like to feel bombarded by information, nor do they appreciate it when an insurance representative seems uninterested in their needs.

Additionally, when an agent appears to be more interested in their sales pitch, it can translate into poor customer awareness. Though agent training gives insurance representatives a lot of knowledge and information to strengthen their pitch, it can be detrimental if the agent is preoccupied with illustrating what they know. There is a fine line between displaying knowledge and not allowing prospective clients to get a word in edgewise.

Public Image

It’s important to keep an eye on the way that technology and web design advance as time passes. Individuals often begin their search for insurance policies online and in doing so, they are likely going to view a company’s website before ever speaking to an agent. That said, making a good first impression online is crucial.

If an insurance company has a slow, clunky website that’s basic in design, it is not going to impress individuals who are shopping around for policies. Often, a prospective customer will not sit patiently while a site takes too long to load, nor will they invest their time in hunting down information that isn’t easy to access. An outdated website can be detrimental to an insurance company’s growth.

In addition to web design, insurance companies need to engage with current and prospective clients in a variety of ways. One method might be to maintain a decent social media presence. Another positive step would be to regularly publish helpful written content (blog posts, articles, lists, guides, etc.). Unfortunately, many insurance agencies forget the importance of written content, and in doing so, they do not give their customers or future customers a reason to keep visiting their websites.

Acknowledging and fixing marketing mistakes can mean the difference between converting new leads and watching them slip away.

How to Fix Marketing Mistakes

While some marketing mistakes are not easy to remedy, the above-mentioned issues can be changed with relative ease.

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For example, instead of aggressively pursuing leads, agents can take the time to learn how to improve their approach. An agent should participate in classes or workshops that can help them perfect the way they speak to prospective customers. It’s important to show enough interest in the lead to where they feel their time is valuable, while not being so aggressive that the lead feels like they’re being viewed as a number rather than a person.

Giving the lead time to speak is another way to show respect, plus listening carefully can help an agent design a policy that closely fits the client’s needs.

When it comes to public image, keeping a sleek, updated website is a little more of a challenge than changing the way that services are pitched, but it is far from impossible. With all of the great web design platforms available today, creating a fast, interactive website is no longer inaccessible, nor will it cost an arm and a leg to hire a dedicated web design professional.

Producing written content is no longer a massive undertaking as well. Even if nobody within the agency writes content, there are marketing teams and individuals all over the country that can regularly provide in-depth written content at an affordable price. It’s in an agency’s best interest to seek out writing and social media services to improve brand awareness.

Even if an insurance agency’s products and services are of stellar quality, it’s important to preserve customer relations and lead conversion strategies. Due to the highly competitive nature of the insurance industry, it’s a must if a company hopes to stand out from its competition. Acknowledging and fixing marketing mistakes can mean the difference between converting new leads and watching them slip away.

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