5 Reasons Using a Business Name Generator Could Benefit Your New Business

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Starting a business comes with extensive research, planning, and a lot of decision-making. Hours go into financing, business planning, looking at organizational structure, and even the physical details such as product designs, color palettes, and packaging materials. But, one of the most important decisions to be made in the startup stage is naming your business. 

If you are thinking of starting your own company, it is essential for your business to stand out among competitors. Around 90% of businesses worldwide are small and medium enterprises (SMEs), and around 67% of them are currently struggling to survive. A good name is an integral part of successfully being recognized and remembered by consumers and affects major decisions when it comes to defining and marketing your business. 

However, coming up with the perfect business name is not always a walk in the park. Sometimes, it can take months of thinking and strategizing to create a list of options and still not have a suitable name in the end. 

With the help of a business name generator, you’ll be ready to introduce your business to the world in no time. Let's

What is a business name generator?

A business name generator is a tool that uses artificial intelligence to come up with names. Most business name generators are based on inputting keywords that will then return a number of options. Some use variations of names, a combination of keywords, or a mix of both. Some also are able to narrow down the results to specific related fields or locations.

Why should you use a business name generator?

There are many factors to be considered when picking the best name for your business, leading to a higher probability of success with regard to your branding. By using a business name generator, you’re able to zero in on something that will resonate with your target audience and minimize the time associated with laborious brainstorming sessions during the startup stage.

1. It is fast and free

A business name has to have certain traits for it to be great, such as simplicity, memorability, and scalability. Therefore, a lot of companies allot time and resources to coming up with the perfect brand or business name. Some resort to hiring consultants, copywriters, or focus groups for brainstorming and research. 

However, for those who are just starting out with limited resources at such an early stage of the business, using a business name generator is much easier. Most name generators work just from keywords typed in the search bar. More importantly, most name generators are free to use, thus saving you money that can go toward other areas of the business.

2. It can come up with new ideas

At a click of a button on a business name generator, you'll get hundreds or even thousands of possible names to choose from, depending on your keywords or desired words to be included or considered. There is a higher chance of you finding one you like just from the number of choices. 

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Even if these business name generators do not come up with the business name you want, they are still great for brainstorming. You may find new unique ideas and suggestions that you would probably not have considered prior to doing the search.

3. It can search for domain availability

While searching for a business, originality is integral. While a name that has already been trademarked cannot be used, it can also cause problems when planning an effective website

You want to be able to register a domain name or website address. Some business name generators can check for domain name availability instantly. In the case of a domain name already being taken, a name generator can also come up with alternatives that are related or similar to your current business name.

4. It can help with other branding or marketing essentials

Aside from helping with your website name, business name generators can also help with social media handles to help you establish an even stronger presence online. While you can use your business name for social media, the generator can also come up with unique options or variations of your name in case of availability issues. 

The logo of your company also can make a quick impression on potential customers. Having the perfect business name that reflects your company makes it easier for you to visualize a good logo. As a result, other branding and marketing decisions can be made much easier.

5. It can help with SEO

The importance of search engine optimization or SEO cannot be overstated in the age of the internet. Users tend to click on websites that rank on the first page of search engines such as Google, so if you are not optimizing your on-page SEO and your website is not ranking, potential customers are less likely to land on your targeted pages. 

Search engine ranking favors top keywords in website domains. Since business name generators use related keywords in most name suggestions, using one of these as your business name, included in your domain name, page titles, and content can give you a significant advantage when it comes to online visibility.


Using business name generators can be very useful when starting up your business. It has benefits for your company’s branding and helps reduce resources in the early stages, not to mention it can yield some rather creative and unique results.

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