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4 Ways to Instantly Increase Your Email Open Rates

There are few things more discouraging than taking the time to write detailed emails for a marketing blast, only to have very low open and click-through rates. While these results can be frustrating, there are several easy steps you can take to instantly increase your email open rates. Read on to learn more.

Use Emojis

Use Emojis Automated Dreams

You might be thinking: emojis are kind of distracting, juvenile even. Do I really want them dominating my marketing efforts? Believe it or not, however, strategic placement might work to your benefit. For one, using emojis in your subject lines don’t currently increase spam scores. Not to mention, email recipients tend to notice things that stand apart from walls of mundane text. A fun, colorful emoji definitely stands out.

That said, it’s a good idea to limit your subject line emojis to one or two per email. This way, your messages will not appear too busy or obnoxious. You want to pique your reader’s interest above all else.


Personalization Automated Dreams

Add a bit of personalization to your subject lines by using your recipient’s name. Using your customer’s name gives the impression that you have tailored your content specifically to meet their needs, and that it was not just sent to anyone whose email address you happened to have access to. In fact, Experian reported that open rates for emails with personalized subject lines had a 29% higher open rate than emails with no personalization features.

Take Advantage of Preview Header Text

Take Advantage of Preview Header Automated Dreams

Just like a good book’s first line is designed to hook the reader, an email preview header should do the same. Thanks to these little snippets of text, your readers can get a short glimpse of what your email contains, so be sure to make the preview engaging. Make them want to find out more, and for them to do so, they have to open and read your email.

Keep in mind, your entire email should be engaging and offer the reader useful information, but the preview text is the most important one to use for attracting an audience.

Send Emails During Optimal Times

Send Emails During Optimal Times Automated Dreams

How many people open your email will depend heavily on the time and day. Therefore, you will benefit from doing your research and determining when your readers are most likely to be available to read your emails. For example, most analytics show that Saturday and Sunday are the least likely day for email reading, while Monday and Tuesday perform relatively well.

As for the most likely times during the day, people are most likely to open emails around 10:00 in the morning, or following lunch breaks at 1:00 in the afternoon.

A couple of easy changes to your email strategy can improve your open and click-through rates so that you’re not taking the time to create informative, well-planned emails and have no one read them. Once your readers decide to open your messages, it will likely be easier to get them excited about the content in the future.

Looking to up your automated message game, to engage your customers in ways you might never have considered before? We at Automated Dreams are happy to help!

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