3 Reasons Why Blogging Isn’t Dead

blogging is not dead

Though the concept and style of blogging has changed in recent years, it certainly isn’t dead. Fewer people are using blogs to serve as a daily diary anymore, but smart business owners have realized the benefits of content creation and are using it to their advantage. By producing frequently scheduled content, businesses can use their blogs to improve their SEO ranking as well as their website’s traffic. But how does it work?

1. Frequent Content = Better Ranking


Choosing the right SEO keywords is only one part of gaining optimal search engine ranking. Google also boosts websites that regularly create new content. Because sites that create blog posts are considered active, they’re more likely to be up to speed with current events and able to provide visitors with something new each time they visit.

2. Blogging Improves Credibility


Not only will blogging help keep your website on the map, but frequently creating content that’s related to your field will make your company appear credible to customers and site visitors. When you offer engaging content, visitors are more likely to stay on your website and continue reading the blog posts that you’ve published. Additionally, when they believe that you’re well-informed about your topic, they’ll return to your site to read new content as it emerges.

People want to buy products and services from companies that know their industry inside out. When a company markets itself as an expert in a given field, customer loyalty increases. It makes sense; people like to invest in things and people with a history of success.

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3. Blogging Produces Organic Results


Blogging has the ability to achieve for free what paid advertisement sometimes fails to deliver. Specifically, when you write compelling blogs, your content continues to work for you well after you have published it. For one, blogging increases the likelihood of your site appearing in an organic search. When your ranking has improved to the point where your content is among the first listed, traffic flows to your pages naturally.

In addition, having visitors frequently read your blog posts can help draw in guest contributors that offer to write a piece for your site, which is invaluable. Moreover, when a company keeps up with regularly-scheduled blog posts, customers are frequently exposed to information that is relevant to them personally. For example, if a company is offering skincare products, visitors are more likely to trust the seller’s products when they offer a wealth of information on skincare.

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