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With over 2 billion users, Facebook Messenger is one of the fastest growing communication channels for businesses.

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When applied the right way, Facebook Messenger will be your best channel of lead generation.

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Why Facebook Messenger
and why now?

Facebook Messenger can help business professionals maintain constant contact with customers while streamlining a variety of business processes.

For example, Facebook Messenger can tackle many different automated services that would typically require countless staff hours to complete.

With a little planning, you can craft automated messages to match the tone of your business, be it formal or casual. That way, your audience experiences your company’s personality (and usually, they’re unaware that they’re speaking to an automated response system, so they’re receiving great customer service from the very beginning).

Turn every conversation into an opportunity. Messenger lets businesses engage new customers and build lasting loyalty.

Here’s what comes inside:

… and much more.

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Facebook Messenger capabilities

Facebook Messenger can play a critical role in maintaining your company’s online presence, especially through social media where the majority of your customers view your content. In addition to providing sophisticated answers to customer inquiries and creating targeted lead generating messages, Facebook Messenger can help with the following:


Market your company by advertising carefully-targeted content, services, and products in an organic manner

Lead magnets

Create lead magnets and offer enticing, free content to customers who express need for the material you’re offering

Engaging content

Create and market a variety of relevant, engaging content across several different social media platforms


Sort your leads into categories based on interest, need, and other qualifications


Integrate an array of additional third-party tools and applications to run seamlessly alongside your Messenger utility


Convert new leads into paying customers by masterfully displaying a need they have and reminding them of both why they need it and why your company is the one to visit

Customer engagement

Increase audience and customer engagement through a variety of market research strategies

Word-of-mouth advertising

Ensure that by creating engaging content and providing excellent service, your customers will tell others about your services and encourage friends and family to visit your website (word-of-mouth advertising is still one of the most reliable methods on the market today)

Take your marketing game to the next level with our Ultimate Guide to Facebook Messenger Lead Magnets.

Discover all the strategies that can give you a competitive edge and know what exactly your company needs to do in order tap into the benefits of using Messengers.