The Big Switch from Traditional to Digital Marketing

Traditional Marketing vs Digital Marketing

Many small businesses that have started within the last few years probably started with traditional to digital marketing, but there are more established companies in different industries that tend to rely on the traditional marketing method that they started out with during their company’s inception.

To clarify, traditional marketing refers to any sort of marketing practices that are not related to the internet. For example, physical ads, billboards, newsprint, mailers, radio broadcasting, and phone calls are all forms of traditional marketing.

Digital marketing, on the other hand, is a modern form of marketing that uses the internet to deliver ads to a company’s target demographic. This includes both PC-friendly and mobile marketing.

Traditional Marketing vs Digital Marketing

Traditional to Digital Marketing

While both types of marketing have their uses, it’s good to know the differences in marketing features when comparing the two. For one, traditional marketing tends to reach a very broad audience, meaning that the people who commonly see or hear traditional marketing pieces may or may not be interested in what’s being offered.

Digital marketing, on the other hand, makes it easier for marketing teams to target specific audiences with their ads. Take law offices, for example. The owner of a legal office might take part in both types of marketing, but with digital marketing techniques, the company can push its ads toward people who are actively looking online for legal help. Potential clients certainly might see billboards around town or hear ads on the radio, but when individuals are searching online for help, the company’s ads are right there waiting.

In the US, most consumers own computers and/or mobile devices and as such, they’ve become accustomed to having a well of information at their fingertips. In fact, out of the mobile users in the US, ¼ of them only use their mobile devices to access the internet.

This means that the American consumer is typically connected to the internet when he or she is in need of a product or service, and more consumers are using the search-find-buy method of shopping than ever before. While some consumers still walk around and window-shop, it’s not the norm anymore. People now prefer being able to shop from the comfort of home, and for good reason. By searching for goods and services on mobile devices, consumers are saving time and money on transportation, and they’re avoiding crowds.

Because of this, digital marketing has been showing more and more promise as the world becomes more modern.

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The Benefits of Digital Marketing

Traditional to Digital Marketing

It’s understandable that some businesses that have done well with traditional marketing might be hesitant to change their marketing practices. Though there are benefits to traditional marketing techniques, there are invaluable benefits to look into when thinking about digital marketing plans.

  1. Digital marketing is cost-effective. Much of the time, business owners who invest in digital marketing end up saving money as well as putting the funds they spend to better use.
  2. Digital marketing improves brand awareness. Because digital marketing can be integrated with social media and other online platforms, it can help a company receive more attention from potential customers. In addition, digital marketing is also omnipresent marketing, meaning that it helps companies engage with their audiences over a variety of channels, in ways that acknowledge the customer base’s individuality.
  3. Digital marketing helps target the right audience. Because of the way that the internet has made it easy for consumers to find exactly what they’re looking for, digital marketing is an excellent tool when it comes to honing in on the right viewers. Targeted ads can put a company front and center for people who are in need of the services being offered.
  4. Digital marketing improves a company’s reputation. Having a sleep website and social media accounts can increase the trust that customers have in the companies they use. Because so much of the world is online now, it makes sense that consumers want to see their favorite brands online as well.

It’s okay for businesses to want to keep their traditional marketing strategies if they’ve shown promise in the past, but many companies are making the switch to digital marketing. Some transition completely while others utilize a hybrid marketing method. However, it’s important to at least implement some digital marketing techniques into a company’s marketing strategy. Most professionals are saying that it’s time to switch over to the digital advertising world, and we agree.

At Automated Dreams, our marketing experts can help your company come up with a working digital marketing strategy that fits your needs on top of proving why digital marketing has become so popular in recent years. It’s the wave of the future in business advertising and when you’re ready to make the switch, book a free call with us.

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