Insurance Marketing: A More In-depth Look

Every business existing today needs some form of marketing in order to keep it operating smoothly, which involves maintaining current customers and converting leads into new customers. Insurance companies and agencies are no exception, and in their case, a chosen marketing strategy could be the difference between gaining business and losing it. 

Because the insurance industry is a highly competitive market, it’s important to develop and execute marketing strategies in a way that will benefit both the company and the company’s customers. Developing a great marketing plan involves self-reflection on the company itself, the team employed therein, the services offered, and the relationship that the agency upholds with its current customers. In doing so, insurance agencies can develop a successful insurance marketing plan that sets them apart from their competition by establishing the agency as knowledgeable and engaged with their audience.

Role of Marketing in Insurance


As with any company, insurance marketing should display the company’s strengths and make potential customers want to become satisfied customers. Insurance companies will want to market themselves as being dedicated to providing top-notch customer service and technical support, as well as flexible, customizable plans. Because insurance needs can vary greatly from person to person, potential customers seek out insurance companies that make an effort to meet their needs. Rather than placing customers into constraints, insurance companies need to market themselves as caring companies that will make an effort to suit the circumstances impacting all of their customers.

To do so, insurance companies should carefully look at the resources at their disposal, as well as the individual talents of their team. Utilizing the skills of the agency’s team in marketing plans can showcase the abilities of the company and appeal to a target audience if initiated correctly.

Insurance Marketing Features

There are a variety of ways to successfully market an insurance company. Being that many new insurance customers seek out companies thanks to word-of-mouth recommendations by other customers, it’s good to check in with existing customers. Ensure that they’re happy with their service and offer them small benefits and rewards so that they continue to bring new customers to the agency.

Additionally, online marketing through website content, blogs, social media posts, and online advertisements can do well to bring more awareness to a company. Displaying knowledge, talent, and dedication through online content (both written content and created videos) will improve the interactivity between agencies and their customer bases.

For in-person advertisements, billboards, small signs, and business cards can help to draw in the local crowds. Each style of marketing is needed in order to expand and convert as many new customers as possible.

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Benefits of Marketing Insurance


By properly initiating and maintaining decent marketing strategies, insurance companies can improve their company’s presence in the marketplace in a number of ways.

  • Improved Organic Traffic- By creating relevant, high-quality website content (blogs, articles, guides) that utilizes SEO-friendly keywords, insurance agencies can improve the organic traffic to the company’s website when potential customers perform relevant searches. Of course, more organic content means higher visibility.

  • Increased Reach- Properly marketing an insurance agency will extend the company’s reach, both in a local and national sense. Depending on the marketing strategy in specific, companies can focus more on one sort of reach or both. Any approach that fits the company’s vision can be accomplished with a great marketing strategy.

  • Impressive Customer Interaction- By developing an insurance agency’s website to be easy to navigate, the team is far more likely to see the benefit of other marketing techniques. Part of new customer conversion lies in keeping them engaged with the company’s website long enough to request a quote and browse through content. A responsive website helps ensure the success of additional insurance marketing strategies.

  • Better Qualified Leads- Ultimately, the end goal of a great marketing strategy is to generate and convert qualified leads. When more people in need have your company brought to their attention, they’re far more likely to take a closer look at the services you offer, and therefore, they’re more likely to convert from leads to loyal customers.

The need for insurance is not going away any time soon, and as such, insurance companies can benefit now more than ever in developing a strong marketing plan. Insurance is a growing trend, and the ability to set a single company apart from its competition in a positive way can make an impressive difference in the company’s success and the customer’s satisfaction.

If you’re trying to develop a strong marketing strategy for your insurance company, we at Automated Dreams invite you to book a free consultation with us. We offer insurance marketing services, and we can take an in-depth look at your company, marketing routes, and possibilities to improve. Let us help you grow your company. We are only a click away when you’re ready.

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