How To Use Quizbots for Your Business

How To Use Quizbots

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QuizBot Introduction

Personality quizzes have been popular for decades, and as such, companies all over the world have adopted the use of interactive quizzes to improve their marketing techniques. Because people enjoy learning new things about themselves or discovering new information in the format of a quiz, using this approach in your own marketing plan is sure to help your company improve its conversions.

By using quizzes to entertain or inform your customers, you not only stand to keep them interested in your company, but you may also attract new leads when your customers share your quizzes with others.

Quiz Types You Can Use

Quiz Types You Can Use Automated Dreams

There is an array of different types of quizzes you can use to engage an audience. People typically enjoy providing feedback or answering questions on their own time in an effort to explore their individual personality traits. As a result, online quizzes tend to receive a good deal of interaction, and people who participate in one quiz are likely to remain on a company’s website and further navigate the information available.

You can create several types of quizzes, depending on the approach you want to take. For example, you can design your quizzes to fit a button-style format, where participants choose answers from a list of multiple choices. You can also use quiz formats that allow participants to key in their answers so that the bot can recognize keywords or context clues.

Quiz categories may include more serious ones like product questionnaires and review prompts, or they may encompass a more entertaining category by offering fun quizzes, horoscopes, and personality pieces. It all depends on your company’s aim.

How Can You Use Quizzes for Your Business?

How Can You Use Quizzes for Your Business Automated Dreams

An engaging quiz can expand your chatbot list in a number of ways, primarily by creating interesting content that encourages those on your contacts list to share your quiz with their friends and acquaintances.

To create a quiz that’s worth sharing, it’s important to implement a good idea into its construction. For example, if you’re the owner of a business that sells hair products, creating a quiz that informs visitors about their hair type once they’ve answered the questions listed and then recommends products your company carries can benefit both parties. You’re offering a service in a fun way, and your customers are getting informed about caring for an aspect of their well-being.

As a result, they’re more inclined to share the information they obtained through your quiz with others who are interested in the same products. Prospective customers will then take your quiz as well, and possibly buy products or share your information with even more interested parties.

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The Purpose of Quizzes

The Purpose of Quizzes Automated Dreams

By using chatbot quizzes, you can succeed at a variety of different goals you have set. Your quizzes might help you get to know a little more about your customer base, collect information that will help improve your marketing techniques, grow your chatbot list, assist your customers in finding products that fit their needs or answer questions that are commonly brought up by prospective buyers.

Additionally, people enjoy being entertained, so creating quizzes designed to be lighthearted and fun is likely to keep your customers engaged with your business in a way that they determine to be interesting.

ManyChat and Facebook Messenger Quizzes

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Facebook Messenger is the most popular messenger application, and as such, it’s an invaluable tool when it comes to expanding your company’s reach.

Fortunately, this has never been easier thanks to ManyChat, which is the top chatbot program for Facebook Messenger. Not only does ManyChat make using chatbots quick and easy, but it also allows business owners to create engaging interactive chatbot quizzes.

Quiz bots created in ManyChat follow many of the same steps as creating a standard chatbot. By creating a new folder in your Flows tab, you’re on your way to developing a brand-new quiz for your customers and potential customers to engage with.

The easiest way to create a quizbot through ManyChat is by using the Yes/No or multiple-choice format, where certain answers populate related results. Additionally, you can use a points system for your quiz which adds points for every correct answer in a Yes/No or True/False quiz.

Develop fun, interesting titles, and questions so that your visitors are more inclined to take your quiz, then prompt them to provide contact information beyond what’s observable on their Facebook profile before distributing their quiz results. It’s a good idea to encourage your quiz-takers to provide contact information, but try to avoid making this step mandatory for participants.

This way, whether participants choose to provide contact information or not, they can still take the quiz, obtain results, and share your link with a wider audience (many of which will provide additional contact information). A wider audience typically means more conversions, more sales, and increased revenue.

Quizzes are a great way to interact with customers and potential customers, so if you’re interested in developing them through ManyChat, Automated Dreams is here to help.

Contact us, and we’ll help you develop interactive quizzes that will improve your company’s marketing approach.

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