5 Signs You Need To Rework Your Small Business SEO Strategy

SEO Strategy for small businesses

Running a small business is more challenging than it appears. And you'll probably know that getting people to know your brand online is one of the hardest parts.  Truth is, you might be missing out on website traffic and sales because your SEO strategy is not good enough or you don’t fully understand the importance of SEO so you are not utilizing it properly yet. It’s surprising but true!

A whopping 75% of internet searchers never scroll past the first page of results. It means if your website isn't ranking on page one, you're practically invisible to potential customers. And it also means your SEO strategy requires a serious revamp.

So how do you know if your SEO strategy is out of place? We've got some telltale signs to watch out for so that you can set things right. Check these out!

Sign #1- Stagnant or declining web traffic

Building a website for your business is one thing, but you can't expect visitors to land on their own. You’ll need to optimize it for search engine rankings so that Google places it on the first page and potential buyers see your business as trusted.

If your traffic has been stagnant for a while, something is amiss. In fact, you should worry even more if there's a decline in traffic. Check your SEO strategy and ensure it's in tandem with the latest trends and algorithms.

Sign #2- Website not ranking for target keywords

Is your website ranking for your target keyword? If not, you'll probably never appear in searches by potential customers. Your competitors will pull the crowds only because they rank for top keywords. Not ranking for the right keywords is a surefire sign to clean up your act and give your SEO plan a makeover.

Using your target keywords in your content, page titles, and meta descriptions can help you regain control. But don't go overboard because keyword stuffing can lead to penalties.

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Sign #3- Unimpressive ROI

Well, SEO takes time to show results. But once you achieve ranking and traffic organically, you can reap the benefits in the long run. Monitoring your ROI is a good way to understand whether your current strategy is doing well enough.

For example, swapping your in-house team with a professional SEO company is a great idea if you're unhappy with the current ROI. Outsourcing is far more cost-effective than hiring and training an in-house team. Plus, you get valuable expertise and the freedom to scale when necessary.

Sign #4- Your content is thin or outdated

Content is another deciding factor when it comes to checking the efficacy of your SE0 strategy. Thin or outdated content can land you in a fix because it means you'll never rank well in search results. So it's time to assess your content.

Ask yourself these questions?

Is your content informative and valuable to potential customers? Is it relevant and up-to-date? If your answer is not a strong yes, consider a revamp for your SEO plan.

Sign #5- Website speed and responsiveness issues

Your SEO is definitely awry if your website has speed and responsiveness issues. Google will never rank it because these issues go against the UX factors and search algorithms.

After all, users tend to lose patience when a site loads slowly or does not render well on mobile devices. Address these concerns to get your ranking and traffic on track again.

SEO is a lifeline for small businesses because it ensures proper visibility. But all the hard work may not pay if you fail to do it right. Watch these signs and work on them right away. After all, it's a matter of survival!

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