5 E-Commerce Conversion Secrets Every Seller Should Know

How to increase e-commerce conversion rate

If you're an e-commerce seller, then you probably already know the struggle of getting visitors to your site. Making them stick around and convert into paying customers is even harder. It can be frustrating as hell!

Did you also know that the average e-commerce conversion rate is only 2.5-3%? That's too small- imagine three people out of 100 visitors closing purchases!

So, is there a way to get more people to buy?

Lucky for you, we've got some juicy secrets to boost your conversion rates and make your business some serious cash. Grab a pen and paper and write down these secrets every seller needs to know.

Ways to Increase Your E-commerce Conversion Rates

1. Optimize Your Product Pages

Your product pages can do the magic when it comes to selling. It's where you showcase your products and convince your visitors to buy without even checking them in person. One way to get this right is to make sure that you choose an e-commerce platform that suits the demands of your brand. You may want to opt for a platform with multiple presets and templates that are user-friendly as visitors will bounce off quickly if your product pages are lackluster and lack enough information. Here are a few ways you can optimize the pages:

  • Use high-quality product images
  • Provide detailed descriptions
  • Integrate social proof such as reviews and ratings
  • Highlight your "Add to Cart" button
  • Provide clear shipping and return information

2. Implement Abandoned Cart Emails

Abandoned carts are painful as they indicate near misses. You invest the effort to get visitors, and then they leave without sealing the deal. But don't give up on them, guys.

Abandoned cart emails help you remind them of what they left behind and entice them to complete their purchase. Here's what you need to do for effective abandoned cart emails:

  • Send an email within 24 hours of abandonment
  • Include a clear call to action to entice them to return
  • Incentivize them with free shipping or a discount
  • Personalize the email with their name and abandoned products
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3. Know What's Not Working

Well, there's got to be a reason for visitors not converting, right? But you have no way to ask them about it. However, some tools can help you find out what's not working for your website. Luckily, there are several tools and apps to help.

Check https://squidvision.com/blog/best-shopify-apps-to-increase-conversions to do it the easy way if you use Shopify as your e-commerce platform.

Here are some ways to make the most of the app:

  • Track sales on your websites
  • Check buttons and links that get clicked
  • Help optimize the sales funnel

4. Leverage Social Media 

Social media is a powerful tool for e-commerce sellers. You can reach a broader audience and build brand awareness by leveraging these platforms. Moreover, you can engage, enhance credibility, and win trust. Here are some ways for using social media to your advantage:

  • Pick the social media platforms your target audience uses the most
  • Share high-quality product images and videos
  • Give special discounts and promo codes to followers
  • Engage with posts and responses

5. Offer Multiple Payment Options

Did you know that buyers ready to purchase often leave when the website doesn't accept their preferred payment method? It's frustrating and leads to a lost sale. But offering multiple payment options can solve the problem. Here are some popular ones you can provide to customers-

  • Credit and debit cards
  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay
  • PayPal


E-commerce pros- you can rely on these tried and tested secrets to sharpen up your conversion strategy. Implement them today and make people stick and convert. You'll surely win the game!

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